International Journal of Stress Management

Work and Personal Life Integration

Vol. 11, No. 4, November 2004
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About the special issue

This special issue presents research findings that spell out the work–family or work–personal life challenges employees are facing today, consequences of these challenges, and potentially useful strategies for recovery.

The seven articles included in this issue present data from six countries and involve a diverse range of occupations (e.g., business travelers, flight attendants, police officers, health care workers, and financial consultants).

Articles in this issue

Work and Personal Life Integration
Pages 299–304
Burke, Ronald J.

Work–Home Interference, Job Stressors, and Employee Health in a Longitudinal Perspective
Pages 305–322
Peeters, Maria C. W.; de Jonge, Jan; Janssen, Peter P. M.; van der Linden, Sjaak

Relations Among Work–Home Culture, the Utilization of Work–Home Arrangements, and Work–Home Interference
Pages 323–345
Dikkers, Josje; Geurts, Sabine; den Dulk, Laura; Peper, Bram; Kompier, Michiel

Exploring Work and Family Distractions: Antecedents and Outcomes
Pages 346–365
Cardenas, Rebekah A.; Major, Debra A.; Bernas, Karyn H.

Flight Attendants' Daily Recovery From Work: Is There No Place Like Home?
Pages 366–391
Sonnentag, Sabine; Natter, Eva

Work–Family Conflict and Job Withdrawal Intentions: The Moderating Effect of Cultural Differences
Pages 392–412
Wang, Peng; Lawler, John J.; Walumbwa, Fred O.; Shi, Kan

The Work–Family Interface and Burnout
Pages 413–428
Westman, Mina; Etzion, Dalia; Gortler, Efrat

Work–Family Concerns of Norwegian Police Officers: Antecedents and Consequences
Pages 429–444
Mikkelsen, Aslaug; Burke, Ronald J.

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