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Returning Veterans

Vol. 10, No. 2, May 2013
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Articles in this issue

Coming All the Way Home: Integrative Community Care for Those Who Serve
Pages 137–144
Bobrow, Joseph; Cook, Emily; Knowles, Carrie; Vieten, Cassandra

Predictors of Mental Health Care Use Among Male and Female Veterans Deployed in Support of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
Pages 145–151
Di Leone, Brooke A. L.; Vogt, Dawne; Gradus, Jaimie L.; Street, Amy E.; Giasson, Hannah L.; Resick, Patricia A.

Postdeployment Military Mental Health Training: Cross-National Evaluations
Pages 152–160
Foran, Heather M.; Garber, Bryan G.; Zamorski, Mark A.; Wray, Mariane; Mulligan, Kathleen; Greenberg, Neil; Castro, Carl Andrew; Adler, Amy B.

A Wraparound Treatment Engagement Intervention for Homeless Veterans With Co-Occurring Disorders
Pages 161–167
Smelson, David A.; Kline, Anna; Kuhn, John; Rodrigues, Stephanie; O'Connor, Kathryn; Fisher, William; Sawh, Leon; Kane, Vincent

Influence of Trauma History on Panic and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Returning Veterans
Pages 168–176
Barrera, Terri L.; Graham, David P.; Dunn, Nancy Jo; Teng, Ellen J.

Perceived Military Organizational Support and Peacekeeper Distress: A Longitudinal Investigation
Pages 177–185
Barnes, J. Ben; Nickerson, Angela; Adler, Amy B.; Litz, Brett T.

Meaning-Making Appraisals Relevant to Adjustment for Veterans With Spinal Cord Injury
Pages 186–193
deRoon-Cassini, Terri A.; de St. Aubin, Ed; Valvano, Abbey K.; Hastings, James; Brasel, Karen J.

Kids at the VA? A Call for Evidence-Based Parenting Interventions for Returning Veterans
Pages 194–202
Pemberton, Joy R.; Kramer, Teresa L.; Borrego Jr., Joaquin; Owen, Richard R.

Barriers to Care for Women Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Depressive Symptoms
Pages 203–212
Lehavot, Keren; Der-Martirosian, Claudia; Simpson, Tracy L.; Sadler, Anne G.; Washington, Donna L.

Perceived Barriers to Care and Provider Gender Preferences Among Veteran Men Who Have Experienced Military Sexual Trauma: A Qualitative Analysis
Pages 213–222
Turchik, Jessica A.; McLean, Caitlin; Rafie, Samantha; Hoyt, Tim; Rosen, Craig S.; Kimerling, Rachel

Veterans Administration Health Care Utilization Among Sexual Minority Veterans
Pages 223–232
Simpson, Tracy L.; Balsam, Kimberly F.; Cochran, Bryan N.; Lehavot, Keren; Gold, Sari D.

Housing Assistance and Case Management: Improving Access to Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Homeless Veterans
Pages 233–240
Winn, Jaime L.; Shealy, Suzanne E.; Kropp, Gary J.; Felkins-Dohm, Donna; Gonzales-Nolas, Cheryl; Francis, Elie

The Impact of Current Alcohol and Drug Use on Outcomes Among Homeless Veterans Entering Supported Housing
Pages 241–249
O'Connell, Maria J.; Kasprow, Wesley J.; Rosenheck, Robert A.

Use of Outpatient Mental Health Services by Homeless Veterans After Hurricanes
Pages 250–256
Brown, Lisa M.; Barnett, Scott; Hickling, Edward; Frahm, Kathryn; Campbell, Robert R.; Olney, Ronald; Schinka, John A.; Casey, Roger

Standardized Beck Depression Inventory-II Scores for Male Veterans Coping With Chronic Pain
Pages 257–263
Lopez, Michael N.; Pierce, Russell S.; Gardner, Ricca D.; Hanson, Richard W.

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