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Telehealth, Telepsychology, and Technology

Vol. 9, No. 2, May 2012
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Articles in this issue

Videoconferencing Psychotherapy: A Systematic Review
Pages 111–131
Backhaus, Autumn; Agha, Zia; Maglione, Melissa L.; Repp, Andrea; Ross, Bridgett; Zuest, Danielle; Rice-Thorp, Natalie M.; Lohr, James; Thorp, Steven R.

Acceptability and Cost-Effectiveness of Military Telehealth Mental Health Screening
Pages 132–143
Jones, Michael D.; Etherage, Joseph R.; Harmon, S. Cory; Okiishi, John C.

Telehealth for Persons With Severe Functional Disabilities and Their Caregivers: Facilitating Self-Care Management in the Home Setting
Pages 144–162
Forducey, Pamela G.; Glueckauf, Robert L.; Bergquist, Thomas F.; Maheu, Marlene M.; Yutsis, Maya

"Implementation and Evaluation of an Integrated Care Program in a VA Medical Center": Correction to Barber et al. (2011)
Page 162
Barber, Jessica A.; Frantsve, Lisa M.; Capelli, Sandra; Sanders, Kathryn A.

A Telehealth Intervention for Veterans on Antiviral Treatment for the Hepatitis C Virus
Pages 163–173
Silberbogen, Amy K.; Ulloa, Erin; Mori, Deanna L.; Brown, Kirstin

Interactive Voice Response for Relapse Prevention Following Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorders: A Pilot Study
Pages 174–184
Rose, Gail L.; Skelly, Joan M.; Badger, Gary J.; Naylor, Magdalena R.; Helzer, John E.

Assessing Daily Fluctuations in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Substance Use With Interactive Voice Response Technology: Protocol Compliance and Reactions
Pages 185–196
Possemato, Kyle; Kaier, Emily; Wade, Michael; Lantinga, Larry J.; Maisto, Stephen A.; Ouimette, Paige

Lessons Learned From Studies of Psychotherapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Via Video Teleconferencing
Pages 197–199
Thorp, Steven R.; Fidler, Janel; Moreno, Lucy; Floto, Elizabeth; Agha, Zia

Tele-Pain Management: Use of Videoconferencing Technology in the Delivery of an Integrated Cognitive–Behavioral and Physical Therapy Group Intervention
Pages 200–202
Palyo, Sarah A.; Schopmeyer, Kathryn A.; McQuaid, John R.

The VA Maryland Health Care System's Telemental Health Program
Pages 203–205
Koch, Edward F.

Uniting Veterans Across Distance Through a Telephone-Based Reminiscence Group Therapy Intervention
Pages 206–208
Davis, Matthew; Guyker, Wendy; Persky, Irena

VA Puget Sound Telemental Health Service to Rural Veterans: A Growing Program
Pages 209–211
Barnwell, Sara V. Smucker; Juretic, Meghan A.; Hoerster, Katherine D.; Van De Plasch, Richard; Felker, Bradford L.

Web-Based, Psychosocial Treatment for Substance Use Disorders in Community Treatment Settings
Pages 212–214
Campbell, Aimee N. C.; Miele, Gloria M.; Nunes, Edward V.; McCrimmon, Scott; Ghitza, Udi E.

The Use of Internet Technology for Psychoeducation and Support With Dementia Caregivers
Pages 215–218
Hayden, Lisa J.; Glynn, Shirley M.; Hahn, Theodore J.; Randall, Frychettya; Randolph, Eugenia

Telephone-Delivered Psychotherapy for Late-Life Anxiety
Pages 219–220
Brenes, Gretchen A.; Ingram, Cobi W.; Danhauer, Suzanne C.

Improving Clinical Outcomes in Psychiatric Care With Touch-Screen Technology
Pages 221–223
Newnham, Elizabeth A.; Doyle, Emma L.; Sng, Adelln A. H.; Hooke, Geoffrey R.; Page, Andrew C.

Using an Online Viewing System for Parent–Child Interaction Therapy Consulting With Professionals
Pages 224–226
Wilsie, Carisa C.; Brestan-Knight, Elizabeth

A Web-Based Intervention for Elementary School Teachers of Students With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Pages 227–230
Barnett, Brittany; Corkum, Penny; Elik, Nezihe

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