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Vol. 50, No. 2, June 2013
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Articles in this issue

The Making of a Scientist–Psychotherapist: The Research Training Environment and the Psychotherapist
Pages 139–149
Gelso, Charles J.; Baumann, Ellen C.; Chui, Harold T.; Savela, Alexandra E.

Differences Among Trainees in Client Outcomes Associated With the Phase Model of Change
Pages 150–157
Budge, Stephanie L.; Owen, Jesse J.; Kopta, S. Mark; Minami, Takuya; Hanson, Matthew R.; Hirsch, Glenn

Trainee Psychotherapists' Development in Self-Rated Professional Qualities in Training
Pages 158–166
Dennhag, Inga; Ybrandt, Helene

The Relationship of Introject Affiliation and Personal Therapy to Trainee Self-Efficacy: A Longitudinal Study Among Psychotherapy Trainees
Pages 167–177
Taubner, Svenja; Zimmermann, Johannes; Kächele, Horst; Möller, Heidi; Sell, Christian

Adult Attachment, Attachment to the Supervisor, and the Supervisory Alliance: How They Relate to Novice Therapists' Perceived Counseling Self-Efficacy
Pages 178–188
Marmarosh, Cheri L.; Nikityn, Mary; Moehringer, Jason; Ferraioli, Lauren; Kahn, Sonia; Cerkevich, Angela; Choi, Jaehwa; Reisch, Emily

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Clinical Supervision in South Korea and the United States
Pages 189–205
Son, Eunjung; Ellis, Michael V.

Psychotherapy Trainees' Multicultural Case Conceptualization Content: Thematic Differences Across Three Cases
Pages 206–212
Lee, Debbiesiu L.; Sheridan, Daniel J.; Rosen, Adam D.; Jones, Isaiah

Perceived Social Stigma and Attitudes Towards Seeking Therapy in Training: A Cross-National Study
Pages 213–223
Digiuni, Malena; Jones, Fergal W.; Camic, Paul M.

Do Therapists Cry in Therapy? The Role of Experience and Other Factors in Therapists' Tears
Pages 224–234
Blume-Marcovici, Amy C.; Stolberg, Ronald A.; Khademi, Mojgan

Internet-Based Therapist Training

Web-Based Therapist Training on Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety Disorders: A Pilot Study
Pages 235–247
Kobak, Kenneth A.; Craske, Michelle G.; Rose, Raphael D.; Wolitsky-Taylor, Kate

Preliminary Data From a Randomized Pilot Study of Web-Based Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Therapist Training
Pages 248–255
Kanter, Jonathan W.; Tsai, Mavis; Holman, Gareth; Koerner, Kelly

Developing an Online, Modular, Active Learning Training Program for Behavioral Activation
Pages 256–265
Puspitasari, Ajeng; Kanter, Jonathan W.; Murphy, Joseph; Crowe, Alex; Koerner, Kelly

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