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Culture, Race, and Ethnicity in Psychotherapy

Vol. 43, No. 4, Winter 2006
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Articles in this issue

Editor's Introduction
Page 377
Gelso, Charles J.

Guest Editor's Introduction
Pages 378–379
Leong, Frederick T. L.; Lopez, Steven

Cultural Competence and Psychotherapy: Applying Anthropologically Informed Conceptions of Culture
Pages 380–396
Lakes, Kimberly; López, Steven R.; Garro, Linda C.

Acculturative Family Distancing: Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice
Pages 397–409
Hwang, Wei-Chin

A Cultural Accommodation Model for Cross-Cultural Psychotherapy: Illustrated With The Case of Asian Americans
Pages 410–423
Leong, Frederick T.; Lee, Szu-Hui

Affirmative Psychotherapy for American Jews
Pages 424–435
Schlosser, Lewis Z.

Latino Healing: The Integration of Ethnic Psychology Into Psychotherapy
Pages 436–453
Comas-Diaz, Lillian

Across Civilizations: Psychoanalytic Therapy With Asians and Asian Americans
Pages 454–463
Roland, Alan

How Do Graduate Student Therapists Incorporate Diversity Factors in Case Conceptualization?
Pages 464–479
Neufeldt, Susan Allstetter; Pinterits, E. Janie; Moleiro, Carla M.; Lee, Timmy E.; Yang, Peggy H.; Brodie, Robert E.; Orliss, Micah J.

Therapist Multicultural Competency: A Study of Therapy Dyads
Pages 480–490
Fuertes, Jairo N.; Stracuzzi, Thomas I.; Bennett, Jennifer; Scheinholtz, Jennifer; Mislowack, A.; Hersh, Mindy; Cheng, David

Somatic-Focused Therapy for Traumatized Refugees: Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Comorbid Neck-Focused Panic Attacks Among Cambodian Refugees
Pages 491–505
Hinton, Devon E.; Pich, Vuth; Chhean, Dara; Safren, Steven A.; Pollack, Mark H.

Applicability of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy With American Indian Individuals
Pages 506–517
Jackson, Lydia C.; Schmutzer, Peter A.; Wenzel, Amy; Tyler, John D.

Clinical Observations of a Cantonese Cognitive–Behavioral Treatment Program for Chinese Immigrants
Pages 518–530
Shen, Edward K.; Alden, Lynn E.; Söchting, Ingrid; Tsang, Pheobe

Culturally Adapted Mental Health Intervention: A Meta-Analytic Review
Pages 531–548
Griner, Derek; Smith, Timothy B.

Culture-Responsive One-Session Treatment for Phobic Asian Americans: A Pilot Study
Pages 549–554
Huey Jr., Stanley; Pan, David

Culturally Sensitive Guided Imagery for Allocentric Latinos: A Pilot Study
Pages 555–560
La Roche, Martin J.; D'Angelo, Eugene; Gualdron, Leyla; Leavell, Jessica

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