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The Technology of Psychotherapy

Vol. 40, No. 1/2, Spring/Summer 2003
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Articles in this issue

Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 3–7
Wolf, Abraham W.

Pages 8–9

Computer Technology for Office-Based Psychological Practice: Applications and Factors Affecting Adoption
Pages 10–19
Murphy, Michael J.

The Online Clinical Practice Management Model
Pages 20–32
Maheu, Marlene M.

New and Old Tools in Psychotherapy: The Use of Technology for the Integration of the Traditional Clinical Treatments
Pages 33–44
Castelnuovo, Gianluca; Gaggioli, Andrea; Mantovani, Fabrizia; Riva, Giuseppe

How to Get Technological Innovation Used in Behavioral Health Care: Build It and They Still Might Not Come
Pages 45–54
Budman, Simon H.; Portnoy, David; Villapiano, Albert J.

Virtual Reality for Psychotherapy: Current Reality and Future Possibilities
Pages 55–67
Glanz, Kalman; Rizzo, Albert (Skip); Graap, Ken

Virtual Environments in Clinical Psychology
Pages 68–76
Riva, Giuseppe

Methodological Rigor and Ethical Considerations in Internet-Mediated Research
Pages 77–85
Mathy, Robin M.; Kerr, Deborah L.; Haydin, Brian M.

Technological Advances and Telehealth: Ethics, Law, and the Practice of Psychotherapy
Pages 86–93
Barnett, Jeffrey E.; Scheetz, Karin

Suggestions for the Ethical Practice of Online Psychotherapy
Pages 94–102
Ragusea, Anthony S.; VandeCreek, Leon

Internet-Mediated Psychological Services and the American Psychological Association Ethics Code
Pages 103–111
Fisher, Celia B.; Fried, Adam L.

The Nature, Scope, and Ethics of Psychologists' E-Therapy Web Sites: What Consumers Find When Surfing the Web
Pages 112–124
Heinlen, Kathleen T.; Welfel, Elizabeth Reynolds; Richmond, Elizabeth N.; O'Donnell, Melissa S.

The Duration and Frequency of Internet Use in a Nonclinical Sample: Suicidality, Behavioral Problems, and Treatment Histories
Pages 125–135
Mathy, Robin M.; Cooper, Al

The Effectiveness of Cognitive–Behavioral Group Therapy for Loneliness Via Inter-Relay-Chat Among People With Physical Disabilities
Pages 136–147
Hopps, Sandra Lynn; Pépin, Michel; Boisvert, Jean-Marie

Internet-Delivered Psychological Interventions for Body Image Dissatisfation and Disordered Eating
Pages 148–154
Luce, Kristine H.; Winzelberg, Andrew J.; Zabinski, Marion F.; Osborne, Megan I.

Online Versus Face-to-Face Conversation: An Examination of Relational and Discourse Variables
Pages 155–163
Mallen, Michael J.; Day, Susan X.; Green, Melinda A.

Afterword — The 21st Century Has Arrived
Pages 164–169
DeLeon, Patrick H.; Crimmins, Daniel B.; Wolf, Abraham W.

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Member/Affiliate Price: $30.00

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