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Development of Boys of Color and Challenges for Ethnic Minorities: Special Double Issue

Vol. 83, No. 2–3, April–July 2013
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ISBN: 978-1-4338-1823-3
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About the special issue

This special issue presents the recent work conducted by the Boys of Color Collaborative, which was initiated to take advantage of some of the longitudinal data sets to fill in gaps in knowledge about the status, trajectories, and moderators of developmental outcomes of boys of color.

Among the topics addressed are

  • issues related to cognitive and socioemotional functioning
  • the relationship of parental socialization practices with cognitive development, socioemotional functioning, language, and identity
  • the influence of social context on development
  • family life and adolescent child development

Articles in this issue

Development of Boys of Color

Development of Boys of Color: An Introduction
Pages 143–144
Barbarin, Oscar A.

Cognitive and Socioemotional Functioning

Development of Social-Emotional Competence in Boys of Color: A Cross-Sectional Cohort Analysis From Pre-K to Second Grade
Pages 145–155
Barbarin, Oscar; Iruka, Iheoma U.; Harradine, Chistine; Winn, Donna-Marie C.; McKinney, Marvin K.; Taylor, Lorraine C.

A Longitudinal Examination of Socioemotional Learning in African American and Latino Boys Across the Transition From Pre-K to Kindergarten
Pages 156–164
Barbarin, Oscar

Individual Differences in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms and Associated Executive Dysfunction and Traits: Sex, Ethnicity, and Family Income
Pages 165–175
Martel, Michelle M.

Socioemotional Trajectories in Black Boys Between Kindergarten and the Fifth Grade: The Role of Cognitive Skills and Family in Promoting Resiliency
Pages 176–184
Brown, Jeffrey; Barbarin, Oscar; Scott, Kristin

From Higher Order Thinking to Higher Order Behavior: Exploring the Relationship Between Early Cognitive Skills and Social Competence in Black Boys
Pages 185–193
Scott, Kristin M.; Barbarin, Oscar A.; Brown, Jeffrey M.

Parental Practices and Early Development

Trajectories of Intrusive Parenting During Infancy and Toddlerhood as Predictors of Rural, Low-Income African American Boys' School-Related Outcomes
Pages 194–206
Clincy, Amanda R.; Mills-Koonce, W. Roger

The Relation of Dialogic, Control, and Racial Socialization Practices to Early Academic and Social Competence: Effects of Gender, Ethnicity, and Family Socioeconomic Status
Pages 207–217
Barbarin, Oscar; Jean-Baptiste, Esther

Raising African American Boys: An Exploration of Gender and Racial Socialization Practices
Pages 218–230
Howard, Lionel C.; Rose, Jason C.; Barbarin, Oscar A.

The Social Context of Boys' Development

Racially Diverse Classrooms: Effects of Classroom Racial Composition on Interracial Peer Relationships
Pages 231–243
Barth, Joan M.; McDonald, Kristina L.; Lochman, John E.; Boxmeyer, Carolyn; Powell, Nicole; Dillon, Casey; Sallee, Meghann

School- and Community-Based Associations to Hypermasculine Attitudes in African American Adolescent Males
Pages 244–251
Cunningham, Michael; Swanson, Dena Phillips; Hayes, DeMarquis M.

Gender-Typed Behaviors, Achievement, and Adjustment Among Racially and Ethnically Diverse Boys During Early Adolescence
Pages 252–264
Santos, Carlos E.; Galligan, Kathrine; Pahlke, Erin; Fabes, Richard A.

Aggression, Academic Behaviors, and Popularity Perceptions Among Boys of Color During the Transition to Middle School
Pages 265–277
Xie, Hongling; Dawes, Molly; Wurster, Tabitha J.; Shi, Bing

Promotive Peer Contexts of Academic and Social Adjustment Among Rural African American Early Adolescent Boys
Pages 278–288
Hamm, Jill V.; Lambert, Kerrylin; Agger, Charlotte A.; Farmer, Thomas W.

Family Life and Prosocial Development

Stress Mitigation to Promote Development of Prosocial Values and School Engagement of Inner-City Urban African American and Latino Youth
Pages 289–298
Tolan, Patrick; Lovegrove, Peter; Clark, Eren

Contributions of Family Environment and Parenting Processes to Sexual Risk and Substance Use of Rural African American Males: A 4-Year Longitudinal Analysis
Pages 299–309
Murry, Velma M.; Simons, Ronald L.; Simons, Leslie G.; Gibbons, Frederick X.

Getting Them Enrolled Is Only Half the Battle: College Success as a Function of Race or Ethnicity, Gender, and Class
Pages 310–322
Keels, Micere

Does Neighborhood Belonging Matter? Examining School and Neighborhood Belonging as Protective Factors for Latino Adolescents
Pages 323–334
Maurizi, Laura K.; Ceballo, Rosario; Epstein-Ngo, Quyen; Cortina, Kai S.

Challenges for Ethnic Minorities: Problems of Risk, Survival, and Recovery

Disentangling Immigrant Status in Mental Health: Psychological Protective and Risk Factors Among Latino and Asian American Immigrants
Pages 361–371
Leong, Frederick; Park, Yong S.; Kalibatseva, Zornitsa

A Meta-Analytic Study: The Relationship Between Acculturation and Depression Among Asian Americans
Pages 372–385
Gupta, Arpana; Leong, Frederick; Valentine, Jeffrey C.; Canada, Dericka D.

Depression in African American Men: A Review of What We Know and Where We Need to Go From Here
Pages 386–397
Ward, Earlise; Mengesha, Maigenete

Trajectories of Psychological Distress Among Low-Income, Female Survivors of Hurricane Katrina
Pages 398–412
Lowe, Sarah R.; Rhodes, Jean E.

Children's Adjustment Following Hurricane Katrina: The Role of Primary Caregivers
Pages 413–421
Gil-Rivas, Virginia; Kilmer, Ryan P.

The Normative Environment for Substance Use Among American Indian Students and White Students Attending Schools on or Near Reservations
Pages 422–429
Swaim, Randall C.; Stanley, Linda R.; Beauvais, Fred

The School Readiness of Children Born to Low-Income, Adolescent Latinas in Miami
Pages 430–442
Briceno, Ana-Carolina Loyola; De Feyter, Jessica J.; Winsler, Adam

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