Cover of Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology (medium)

HIV/AIDS and Ethnic Minority Women, Families, and Communities

Vol. 5, No. 3, August 1999
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About the special issue

HIV/AIDS continues to affect women disproportionately. Some groups of ethnic minority women, in particular African Americans and Latinas, suffer significantly higher rates of HIV infection relative to their populations, while little is known about others such as Asian/Pacific Islander Americans and Native Americans.

This special issue focuses on HIV/AIDS and its effects on ethnic minority women, families, and communities. It is hoped that the articles represented will illuminate issues uniquely relevant to these populations and inform future research, intervention, and policy.

Articles in this issue

HIV and Ethnic Minority Women, Families, and Communities: An Overview
Pages 179–182
Wyatt, Gail Elizabeth; Chin, Dorothy

The Gynecological, Reproductive, and Sexual Health of HIV-Positive Women
Pages 183–196
Wyatt, Gail Elizabeth; Moe, Ardis; Guthrie, Don

Motherhood in the Context of HIV Infection: Reading Between the Numbers
Pages 197–208
Tompkins, Tanya L.; Henker, Barbara; Whalen, Carol K.; Axelrod, Julie; Comer, Lisa K.

The Impact of HIV Status and Acculturation on Latinas' Sexual Risk Taking
Pages 209–221
Carmona, Jennifer Vargas; Romero, Gloria J.; Loeb, Tamra Burns

Disclosure of HIV Infection Among Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: Cultural Stigma and Support
Pages 222–235
Chin, Dorothy; Kroesen, Kendall W.

Trauma, Substance Use, and HIV Risk Among Urban American Indian Women
Pages 236–248
Walters, Karina L.; Simoni, Jane M.

Psychiatric Disorders in African American Men and Women Living With HIV/AIDS
Pages 249–262
Myers, Hector F.; Durvasula, Ramani S.

The Impact of Relationship Violence, HIV, and Ethnicity on Adjustment in Women
Pages 263–275
Axelrod, Julie; Myers, Hector F.; Durvasula, Ramani S.; Wyatt, Gail Elizabeth; Cheng, Michelle

Living With Risk: Male Partners of HIV-Positive Women
Pages 276–286
Hunt, William K.; Myers, Hector F.; Dyche, Monica

Considering Women's Contextual and Cultural Issues in HIV/STD Prevention Research
Pages 287–291
Pequegnat, Willo; Stover, Ellen

Latino Gay Men and HIV: Culture, Sexuality, and Risk Behavior
Pages 292–293
Díaz, Rafael M.

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