More About Executive Coaching: Practice and Research

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Vol. 60, No. 1, March 2008
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Articles in this issue

Editorial Policy of the Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research
Pages 1–3
Lowman, Rodney L.

Still More About Coaching!
Pages 4–6
Diedrich, Richard C.

Executive Dilemmas: Coaching and the Professional Perspectives of Harry Levinson
Pages 7–32
Kilburg, Richard R.; Levinson, Harry

Executive Coaching: An Intervention, Role Function, or Profession?
Pages 33–37
Sperry, Len

Quick Reaction to "Executive Dilemmas."
Pages 38–41
Quick, James Campbell

Development of a Model of the Feedback Process Within Executive Coaching
Pages 42–56
Gregory, Jane Brodie; Levy, Paul E.; Jeffers, Micah

Correction to Kampa-Kokesch and Anderson (2001)
Page 56
Kampa-Kokesch, Sheila; Anderson, Mary

Coaching Services: A Look at Coaches, Clients, and Practices
Pages 57–77
Liljenstrand, Anne M.; Nebeker, Delbert M.

Executive Coaching: It Works!
Pages 78–90
Kombarakaran, Francis A.; Yang, Julia A.; Baker, Mila N.; Fernandes, Pauline B.

I Doubt Therefore I Coach: Critical Moments in Coaching Practice
Pages 91–105
De Haan, Erik

I Struggle and Emerge: Critical Moments of Experienced Coaches
Pages 106–131
De Haan, Erik

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