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Primary Care and Psychology

Special Issue Scholarly Lead: Susan H. McDaniel and Frank V. deGruy III
Vol. 69, No. 4, May–June 2014
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About the special issue

In this special issue on Primary Care and Psychology, each article is written collaboratively by at least one psychologist and one primary care physician.

This special issue is designed to help psychologists learn about the fundamental changes occurring in primary care and the opportunities these changes are producing. It describes the most common emerging models of integrated primary care, the roles of psychologists within those models, and how certain important subsets of patients are cared for in primary care.

The authors of these articles describe what psychologists actually do — what it is like to be a psychologist in these primary care settings.

Articles in this issue

An Introduction to Primary Care and Psychology
Pages 325–331
McDaniel, Susan H.; deGruy III, Frank V.

Clinical Primary Care Across the Life Cycle

Psychologists and Pediatricians: Opportunities for Collaboration in Primary Care
Pages 332–343
Stancin, Terry; Perrin, Ellen C.

Psychologists Partnering With Obstetricians and Gynecologists: Meeting the Need for Patient-Centered Models of Women's Health Care Delivery
Pages 344–354
Poleshuck, Ellen L.; Woods, James

Psychology and Primary Care: New Collaborations for Providing Effective Care for Adults With Chronic Health Conditions
Pages 355–363
Fisher, Lawrence; Dickinson, W. Perry

Opportunities for Psychologists in Palliative Care: Working With Patients and Families Across the Disease Continuum
Pages 364–376
Kasl-Godley, Julia E.; King, Deborah A.; Quill, Timothy E.

Special Populations

Integrating Primary Care and Behavioral Health With Four Special Populations: Children With Special Needs, People With Serious Mental Illness, Refugees, and Deaf People
Pages 377–387
Pollard Jr., Robert Q; Betts, William R.; Carroll, Jennifer K.; Waxmonsky, Jeanette A.; Barnett, Steven; deGruy III, Frank V.; Pickler, Laura L.; Kellar-Guenther, Yvonne

Tipping Points in the Department of Defense's Experience With Psychologists in Primary Care
Pages 388–398
Hunter, Christopher L.; Goodie, Jeffrey L.; Dobmeyer, Anne C.; Dorrance, Kevin A.

Applying the Interprofessional Patient Aligned Care Team in the Department of Veterans Affairs: Transforming Primary Care
Pages 399–408
Kearney, Lisa K.; Post, Edward P.; Pomerantz, Andrew S.; Zeiss, Antonette M.

Education, Research and Evaluation, and Policy

Competencies for Psychology Practice in Primary Care
Pages 409–429
McDaniel, Susan H.; Grus, Catherine L.; Cubic, Barbara A.; Hunter, Christopher L.; Kearney, Lisa K.; Schuman, Catherine C.; Karel, Michele J.; Kessler, Rodger S.; Larkin, Kevin T.; McCutcheon, Stephen; Miller, Benjamin F.; Nash, Justin; Qualls, Sara H.; Connolly, Kathryn Sanders; Stancin, Terry; Stanton, Annette L.; Sturm, Lynne A.; Johnson, Suzanne Bennett

Research and Evaluation in the Transformation of Primary Care
Pages 430–442
Peek, C. J.; Cohen, Deborah J.; deGruy III, Frank V.

Proximity of Providers: Colocating Behavioral Health and Primary Care and the Prospects for an Integrated Workforce
Pages 443–451
Miller, Benjamin F.; Petterson, Stephen; Burke, Bridget Teevan; Phillips Jr., Robert L.; Green, Larry A.

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