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Applications of Developmental Science

Vol. 53, No. 2, February 1998
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About the special issue

This special issue focuses on selected socially relevant issues of interest to developmental scientists. The term "developmental science," rather than "child psychology," is used to emphasize both the scientific and multidisciplinary foundations of the study of development and the recognition that development is not confined to childhood but extends across the life span.

Articles in this issue

Relevant Issues in Developmental Science: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 93–94
Hetherington, E. Mavis

American Child Care Today
Pages 95–108
Scarr, Sandra

Early Intervention and Early Experience
Pages 109–120
Ramey, Craig T.; Ramey, Sharon Landesman

An Overview of the Nature, Causes, and Consequences of Abusive Family Relationships: Toward Differentiating Maltreatment and Violence
Pages 121–135
Emery, Robert E.; Laumann-Billings, Lisa

Reliability and Credibility of Young Children's Reports: From Research to Policy and Practice
Pages 136–151
Bruck, Maggie; Ceci, Stephen J.; Hembrooke, Helene

Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenthood: Recent Evidence and Future Directions
Pages 152–166
Coley, Rebekah Levine; Chase-Lansdale, P. Lindsay

What Matters? What Does Not? Five Perspectives on the Association Between Marital Transitions and Children's Adjustment
Pages 167–184
Hetherington, E. Mavis; Bridges, Margaret; Insabella, Glendessa M.

Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Child Development
Pages 185–204
McLoyd, Vonnie C.

The Development of Competence in Favorable and Unfavorable Environments: Lessons From Research on Successful Children
Pages 205–220
Masten, Ann S.; Coatsworth, J. Douglas

The Development of Depression in Children and Adolescents
Pages 221–241
Cicchetti, Dante; Toth, Sheree L.

Development of Juvenile Aggression and Violence: Some Common Misconceptions and Controversies
Pages 242–259
Loeber, Rolf; Stouthamer-Loeber, Magda

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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