History of American Psychology

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Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr. (Guest Editor)
Vol. 47, No. 2, February 1992
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About the special issue

This special issue is one of several publications prepared for the celebration of the APA's centenary. Its 25 invited articles constitute a unique collection portraying the founding and development of the "new" psychology in America. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of APA, this special issue showcases the work of many of the leading scholars writing in the history of psychology today — individuals trained in psychology and history.

Articles in this issue

Introduction to the Special Issue
Page 109
Benjamin Jr., Ludy T.

Origins and Early Years of the American Psychological Association, 1890–1906
Pages 111–122
Sokal, Michael M.

Wundt's American Doctoral Students
Pages 123–131
Benjamin, Ludy T.; Durkin, Maureen; Link, Michelle; Vestal, Marilyn; Acord, Jill

Psychologists on Site: A Reconnaissance of the Historiography of the Laboratory
Pages 132–142
Capshew, James H.

Testing the Limits of Sense and Science: American Experimental Psychologists Combat Spiritualism, 1880–1920
Pages 143–151
Coon, Deborah J.

William James and the Art of Human Understanding
Pages 152–160
Leary, David E.

There Is More to Our History of Giving: The Place of Introductory Textbooks in American Psychology
Pages 161–169
Morawski, Jill G.

Short-Term Memory at the Turn of the Century: Mary Whiton Calkins's Memory Research
Pages 170–174
Madigan, Stephen; O'Hara, Ruth

Joining Separate Spheres: Christine Ladd-Franklin, Woman-Scientist (1847–1930)
Pages 175–182
Furumoto, Laurel

A Scientific Project Locked in Time: The Terman Genetic Studies of Genius, 1920s–1950s
Pages 183–189
Cravens, Hamilton

Tolman and Tryon: Early Research on the Inheritance of the Ability to Learn
Pages 190–197
Innis, Nancy K.

Cultural Contexts and Scientific Change in Psychology: Kurt Lewin in Iowa
Pages 198–207
Ash, Mitchell G.

Comparative Psychology and Ethology: A Reassessment
Pages 208–215
Dewsbury, Donald A.

On Prediction and Control: B. F. Skinner and the Technological Ideal of Science
Pages 216–223
Smith, Laurence D.

Proposals for a Second Psychology
Pages 224–235
Cahan, Emily D.; White, Sheldon H.

Compulsory Schooling, Child Study, Clinical Psychology, and Special Education: Origins of School Psychology
Pages 236–243
Fagan, Thomas K.

The Mental Testing Community and Validity: A Prehistory
Pages 244–253
Von Mayrhauser, Richard T.

The Return of the Repressed: Psychology's Problematic Relations With Psychoanalysis, 1909–1960
Pages 254–263
Hornstein, Gail A.

American Psychologists and Wartime Research on Germany, 1941–1945
Pages 264–273
Hoffman, Louise E.

Mrs. Ricord and Psychology for Women, Circa 1840
Pages 274–280
Scarborough, Elizabeth

G. Stanley Hall and the History of Psychology
Pages 281–289
Bringmann, Wolfgang G.; Bringmann, Michael W.; Early, Charles E.

G. Stanley Hall and the Clark School of Religious Psychology
Pages 290–298
Vande Kemp, Hendrika

Henry A. Murray: The Making of a Psychologist?
Pages 299–307
Triplet, Rodney G.

The Mythical Revolutions of American Psychology
Pages 308–318
Leahey, Thomas H.

Perceptions of Past Research
Pages 319–328
Bruce, Darryl; Bahrick, Harry P.

Is Psychology the Science of Behavior?
Pages 329–335
McPherson, Marion W.

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