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Capturing Expertise Across Domains

Vol. 13, No. 3, September 2007
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About the special issue

The goal of this special issue is to bring together several novel research papers focusing on the theme of how best to capture expert performance across domains. The papers presented provide examples of how superior performance, often naturally occurring in everyday contexts, may be identified and reproduced in the laboratory to allow examination of the mechanisms that differentiate expert from less proficient performers.

Articles in this issue

Capturing Naturally Occurring Superior Performance in the Laboratory: Translational Research on Expert Performance
Pages 115–123
Ericsson, K. Anders; Williams, A. Mark

Expert Performance in SCRABBLE: Implications for the Study of the Structure and Acquisition of Complex Skills
Pages 124–134
Tuffiash, Michael; Roring, Roy W.; Ericsson, K. Anders

A Deliberate Practice Account of Typing Proficiency in Everyday Typists
Pages 135–145
Keith, Nina; Ericsson, K. Anders

Team Cognition in Experienced Command-and-Control Teams
Pages 146–157
Cooke, Nancy J.; Gorman, Jamie C.; Duran, Jasmine L.; Taylor, Amanda R.

Expertise-Based Differences in Search and Option-Generation Strategies
Pages 158–170
Raab, Markus; Johnson, Joseph G.

Skill in Expert Dogs
Pages 171–178
Helton, William S.

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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