Health Psychology Meets Behavioral Economics

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Vol. 32, No. 9, September 2013
Item #: 2253209
ISBN: 978-1-4338-1681-9
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About the special issue

This special issue is rooted in the assumption that collaboration between economists and psychologists can promote the development of new methodologies and encourage exploration of novel solutions to enduring health problems. This special issue was designed to attract both conceptual and empirical articles, to present a wide spectrum of thinking and methods, and to illustrate how behavioral economics might address today's pressing health problems.

Articles in this issue

Health Psychology Meets Behavioral Economics: Introduction to Special Issue.
Pages 929–931
Hanoch, Yaniv; Finkelstein, Eric Andrew

Conditional Economic Incentives for Reducing HIV Risk Behaviors: Integration of Psychology and Behavioral Economics.
Pages 932–940
Operario, Don; Kuo, Caroline; Sosa-Rubí, Sandra G.; Gálarraga, Omar

Incentivizing Blood Donation: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis to Test Titmuss' Hypotheses.
Pages 941–949
Niza, Claudia; Tung, Burcu; Marteau, Theresa M.

When Do Financial Incentives Reduce Intrinsic Motivation? Comparing Behaviors Studied in Psychological and Economic Literatures.
Pages 950–957
Promberger, Marianne; Marteau, Theresa M.

Spend Today, Clean Tomorrow: Predicting Methamphetamine Abstinence in a Randomized Controlled Trial.
Pages 958–966
Ling Murtaugh, Kimberly; Krishnamurti, Tamar; Davis, Alexander L.; Reback, Cathy J.; Shoptaw, Steven

Incentives, Expertise, and Medical Decisions: Testing the Robustness of Natural Frequency Framing.
Pages 967–977
Ferguson, Eamonn; Starmer, Chris

Inviting Free-Riders or Appealing to Prosocial Behavior? Game-Theoretical Reflections on Communicating Herd Immunity in Vaccine Advocacy.
Pages 978–985
Betsch, Cornelia; Böhm, Robert; Korn, Lars

Are Prescription Drug Insurance Choices Consistent With Expected Utility Theory?
Pages 986–994
Bundorf, M. Kate; Mata, Rui; Schoenbaum, Michael; Bhattacharya, Jay

The Effect of Defaults in an Electronic Health Record on Laboratory Test Ordering Practices for Pediatric Patients.
Pages 995–1002
Probst, C. Adam; Shaffer, Victoria A.; Chan, Y. Raymond

The Economic Impact of Project MARS (Motivating Adolescents to Reduce Sexual Risk).
Pages 1003–1012
Dealy, Bern C.; Horn, Brady P.; Callahan, Tiffany J.; Bryan, Angela D.

Maternal Depressive Symptoms Predict Adolescent Healthcare Utilization and Charges in Youth With Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).
Pages 1013–1022
Clayton, Kyle M.; Stewart, Sunita M.; Wiebe, Deborah J.; McConnel, Charles E.; Hughes, Carroll W.; White, Perrin C.

Converging to the Lowest Common Denominator in Physical Health.
Pages 1023–1028
John, Leslie K.; Norton, Michael I.

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