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Diet, Exercise, and Diabetes Control

Vol. 27, No. 1, Suppl, January 2008
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About the special issue

This special issue is devoted to intervention studies that address theoretical mediating and moderating factors ranging from cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and environmental influences on improving physical activity, dietary intake, and health-related complications.

Articles in this issue

Commentary for Health Psychology Special Issue: Theoretical Advances in Diet and Physical Activity Interventions
Pages S1–S2
Wilson, Dawn K.

The "Freshman Fifteen" (the "Freshman Five" Actually): Predictors and Possible Explanations
Pages S3–S9
Holm-Denoma, Jill M.; Joiner Jr., Thomas E.; Vohs, Kathleen D.; Heatherton, Todd F.

Dietary Variety Impairs Habituation in Children
Pages S10–S19
Temple, Jennifer L.; Giacomelli, April M.; Roemmich, James N.; Epstein, Leonard H.

Effects of Daily Hassles and Eating Style on Eating Behavior
Pages S20–S31
O'Connor, Daryl B.; Jones, Fiona; Conner, Mark; McMillan, Brian; Ferguson, Eamonn

Is Caloric Restriction Associated With Development of Eating-Disorder Symptoms? Results From the CALERIE Trial
Pages S32–S42
Williamson, Donald A.; Martin, Corby K.; Anton, Stephen D.; York-Crowe, Emily; Han, Hongmei; Redman, Leanne; Ravussin, Eric

Accumulation of Behavioral Validation Evidence for Physical Activity Stage of Change
Pages S43–S53
Hellsten, Laurie-Ann; Nigg, Claudio; Norman, Gregory; Burbank, Patricia; Braun, Lynne; Breger, Rosemary; Coday, Mathilda (Mace); Elliot, Diane; Garber, Carol; Greaney, Mary (Molly); Lees, Faith; Matthews, Charles; Moe, Esther; Resnick, Barbara; Riebe, Deborah; Rossi, Joseph; Toobert, Deborah; Wang, Terry

Social-Cognitive Predictors of Physical Exercise Adherence: Three Longitudinal Studies in Rehabilitation
Pages S54–S63
Schwarzer, Ralf; Luszczynska, Aleksandra; Ziegelmann, Jochen P.; Scholz, Urte; Lippke, Sonia

Improving Cardiovascular Recovery From Stress With Brief Poststress Exercise
Pages S64–S72
Chafin, Sky; Christenfeld, Nicholas; Gerin, William

Positive Affect Uniquely Predicts Lower Risk of Mortality in People With Diabetes
Pages S73–S82
Moskowitz, Judith Tedlie; Epel, Elissa S.; Acree, Michael

Psychological Functioning, Support for Self-Management, and Glycemic Control Among Rural African American Adults With Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
Pages S83–S90
Brody, Gene H.; Kogan, Steven M.; Murry, Velma McBride; Chen, Yi-Fu; Brown, Anita C.

Translating the Diabetes Prevention Program Into a Hospital-Based Weight Loss Program
Pages S91–S98
Pagoto, Sherry L.; Kantor, Lyle; Bodenlos, Jamie S.; Gitkind, Mitchell; Ma, Yunsheng

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