Caregiving for Children and Adults With Chronic Conditions: A Life Span Approach

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Vol. 17, No. 2, March 1998
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Articles in this issue

Caregiving for Children and Adults With Chronic Conditions: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 107–111
Schulz, Richard; Quittner, Alexandra L.

Role Strain in Couples With and Without a Child With a Chronic Illness: Associations With Marital Satisfaction, Intimacy, and Daily Mood
Pages 112–124
Quittner, Alexandra L.; Espelage, Dorothy L.; Opipari, Lisa C.; Carter, Bryan; Eid, Nemr; Eigen, Howard

Dynamic Processes in Health Outcomes Among Caregivers of Patients With Spinal Cord Injuries
Pages 125–129
Shewchuk, Richard M.; Richards, J. Scott; Elliott, Timothy R.

AIDS Caregiving and Health Among Midlife and Older Women
Pages 130–137
Wight, Richard G.; Leblanc, Allen J.; Aneshensel, Carol S.

Temporal Profiles of Physical Health in Family Members of Heart Transplant Recipients: Predictors of Health Change During Caregiving
Pages 138–151
Dew, Mary Amanda; Goycoolea, Jean M.; Stukas, Arthur A.; Switzer, Galen E.; Simmons, Roberta G.; Roth, Loren H.; Dimartini, Andrea

Activity Restriction and Prior Relationship History as Contributors to Mental Health Outcomes Among Middle-Aged and Older Spousal Caregivers
Pages 152–162
Williamson, Gail M.; Shaffer, David R.; Schulz, Richard

Mastery in Women's Multiple Roles and Well-Being: Adult Daughters Providing Care to Impaired Parents
Pages 163–171
Christensen, Kimberly A.; Stephens, Mary Ann Parris; Townsend, Aloen L.

Caregiving From the Recipient's Perspective: Negative Reactions to Being Helped
Pages 172–181
Newsom, Jason T.; Schulz, Richard

Cellular Immune Responses to Acute Stress in Female Caregivers of Dementia Patients and Matched Controls
Pages 182–189
Cacioppo, John T.; Poehlmann, Kirsten M.; Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice K.; Malarkey, William B.; Burleson, Mary H.; Berntson, Gary G.; Glaser, Ronald

Predicting Longitudinal Changes in Caregiver Physical and Mental Health: A Stress Process Model
Pages 190–198
Goode, Kathryn T.; Haley, William E.; Roth, David L.; Ford, Greg R.

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