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Behavioral and Sociocultural Perspectives on Ethnicity and Health

Vol. 14, No. 7, December 1995
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About the special issue

The first national conference on Behavioral and Sociocultural Perspectives on Ethnicity and Health was convened in 1992. This special issue provides an overview of the proceedings and recommendations from that conference, with updated information reflecting more recent developments since 1992.

Articles in this issue

Behavioral and Sociological Perspectives on Ethnicity and Health: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 589–591
Anderson, Norman B.

Panel I: Epidemiology of Minority Health
Pages 592–600
Flack, John M.; Amaro, Hortensia; Jenkins, William; Kunitz, Stephen; Levy, Jerry; Mixon, Maxine; Yu, Elena

Panel II: Macrosocial and Environmental Influences on Minority Health
Pages 601–612
Johnson, Katrina W.; Anderson, Norman B.; Bastida, Elena; Kramer, B. Josea; Williams, David; Wong, Morrison

Panel III: Behavioral Risk Factors Related to Chronic Diseases in Ethnic Minorities
Pages 613–621
Myers, Hector F.; Kagawa-Singer, Marjorie; Kumanyika, Shiriki K.; Lex, Barbara W.; Markides, Kyriakos S.

Panel IV: Risk-Taking and Abusive Behaviors Among Ethnic Minorities
Pages 622–631
Yee, Barbara W. K.; Castro, Felipe G.; Hammond, W. Rodney; John, Robert; Wyatt, Gail Elizabeth; Yung, Betty R.

Panel V: Adaptive Health Behaviors Among Ethnic Minorities
Pages 632–640
Bagley, Shirley P.; Angel, Ronald; Dilworth-Anderson, Peggye; Liu, William; Schinke, Steven

Panel VI: Ethnic Minorities, Health Care Systems, and Behavior
Pages 641–646
Penn, Nolan E.; Kar, Snehendu; Kramer, Joyce; Skinner, John; Zambrana, Ruth E.

Summary of Task Group Research Recommendations
Pages 649–653
Anderson, Norman B.

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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