Psychopharmacology of Attention: The Impact of Drugs in an Age of Increased Distractions

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Anthony Liguori, PhD (Guest Editor)
Vol. 21, No. 5, October 2013
Item #: 2202105
ISBN: 978-1-4338-1690-1
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About the special issue

Contemporary society is predominated by a plethora of efficiency boosters that simultaneously increase productivity and distract our focus. Smartphones and tablets provide opportunities to view emails, text messages, Internet websites, videos, and other information sources in any location at any time.

A risk of this constant variety of information is the potential for increased distractions from more pressing tasks, ranging from basic interpersonal conversation to attending to lecture and meeting presentations to automobile driving. Understanding the role of psychomotor compounds in facilitating or otherwise altering attention is crucial.

This special issue not only provides novel data on the relationships among attention, alcohol use, and other drug use, but also offers new insights that could inform development of potential pharmacotherapies for ADHD. Collectively, these articles offer a translational perspective encompassing preclinical to clinical research across three species and several validated approaches to various aspects of attention.

Articles in this issue

Psychopharmacology of Attention: The Impact of Drugs in an Age of Increased Distractions
Pages 343–344
Liguori, Anthony

Impulsivity and Motor Activity in Aged, Male Ts65Dn Mice
Pages 345–354
Whitney, Katharine N.; Wenger, Galen R.

An Influence of Delayed Reinforcement on the Effectiveness of Psychostimulants to Enhance Indices of Attention Under a Five-Choice Serial Reaction Time Procedure in Male Rats
Pages 355–362
Slezak, Jonathan M.; Katz, Jonathan L.

Methylphenidate and Atomoxetine Enhance Sensory-Evoked Neuronal Activity in the Visual Thalamus of Male Rats
Pages 363–374
Navarra, Rachel L.; Clark, Brian D.; Zitnik, Gerard A.; Waterhouse, Barry D.

Methylphenidate Does Not Influence Smoking-Reinforced Responding or Attentional Performance in Adult Smokers With and Without Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Pages 375–384
Kollins, Scott H.; Schoenfelder, Erin; English, Joseph S.; McClernon, F. Joseph; Dew, Rachel E.; Lane, Scott D.

Misuse of Prescription Stimulants Among College Students: A Review of the Literature and Implications for Morphological and Cognitive Effects on Brain Functioning
Pages 385–407
Weyandt, Lisa L.; Marraccini, Marisa E.; Gudmundsdottir, Bergljot Gyda; Zavras, Brynheld Martinez; Turcotte, Kyle D.; Munro, Bailey A.; Amoroso, Alex J.

Music Increases Alcohol Consumption Rate in Young Females
Pages 408–415
Stafford, Lorenzo D.; Dodd, Hannah

Effects of a Novel CB1 Agonist on Visual Attention in Male Rats: Role of Strategy and Expectancy in Task Accuracy
Pages 416–425
Miller, Rikki L. A.; Thakur, Ganesh A.; Stewart, William N.; Bow, Joshua P.; Bajaj, Shama; Makriyannis, Alexandros; McLaughlin, Peter J.

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