Journal of Family Psychology

Carpe Noctem: Sleep and Family Processes

Vol. 21, No. 1, March 2007
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About the special issue

The special issue addresses the importance of sleep considered within a family context in relation to a broad range of behavioral, emotional, and physical health issues. The collection of articles provides several excellent examples of studies that emphasize a family context for understanding various aspects of sleep in infants, children, adolescents, and adults. Taken together, these studies raise a set of compelling questions for future research in this area.

Articles in this issue

Considering Sleep in a Family Context: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 1–3
Dahl, Ronald E.; El-Sheikh, Mona

Sleep Timing and Quantity in Ecological and Family Context: A Nationally Representative Time-Diary Study
Pages 4–19
Adam, Emma K.; Snell, Emily K.; Pendry, Patricia

The Context of Preschool Children's Sleep: Racial/Ethnic Differences in Sleep Locations, Routines, and Concerns
Pages 20–28
Milan, Stephanie; Snow, Stephanie; Belay, Sophia

Child Emotional Insecurity and Academic Achievement: The Role of Sleep Disruptions
Pages 29–38
El-Sheikh, Mona; Buckhalt, Joseph A.; Keller, Peggy S.; Cummings, E. Mark; Acebo, Christine

Temperamental Resistance to Control Increases the Association Between Sleep Problems and Externalizing Behavior Development
Pages 39–48
Goodnight, Jackson A.; Bates, John E.; Staples, Angela Dawn; Pettit, Gregory S.; Dodge, Kenneth A.

Contribution of Infants' Sleep and Crying to Marital Relationship of First-Time Parent Couples in the 1st Year After Childbirth
Pages 49–57
Meijer, Anne Marie; Van Den Wittenboer, Godfried L. H.

Family Life Stress and Insomnia Symptoms in a Prospective Evaluation of Young Adults
Pages 58–66
Bernert, Rebecca A.; Merrill, Katherine A.; Braithwaite, Scott R.; Van Orden, Kimberly A.; Joiner Jr., Thomas E.

Relationship Between Child Sleep Disturbances and Maternal Sleep, Mood, and Parenting Stress: A Pilot Study
Pages 67–73
Meltzer, Lisa J.; Mindell, Jodi A.

Infant Sleep and Parental Sleep-Related Cognitions
Pages 74–87
Sadeh, Avi; Flint-Ofir, Eti; Tirosh, Tamar; Tikotzky, Liat

Child Sleep Disorders: Associations With Parental Sleep Duration and Daytime Sleepiness
Pages 88–94
Boergers, Julie; Hart, Chantelle; Owens, Judith A.; Streisand, Randi; Spirito, Anthony

Nighttime Waking in Children With Asthma: An Exploratory Study of Daily Fluctuations in Family Climate
Pages 95–103
Fiese, Barbara H.; Winter, Marcia A.; Sliwinski, Martin; Anbar, Ran D.

Parental Involvement, Psychological Distress, and Sleep: A Preliminary Examination in Sleep-Disturbed Adolescents With a History of Substance Abuse
Pages 104–113
Cousins, Jennifer C.; Bootzin, Richard R.; Stevens, Sally J.; Ruiz, Bridget S.; Haynes, Patricia L.

Parent and Child Reports of Sleep Problems Associated With Early-Onset Bipolar Spectrum Disorders
Pages 114–123
Lofthouse, Nicholas; Fristad, Mary; Splaingard, Mark; Kelleher, Kelly

Companionable Sleep: Social Regulation of Sleep and Cosleeping in Egyptian Families
Pages 124–135
Worthman, Carol M.; Brown, Ryan A.

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