Journal of Family Psychology

Sibling Relationship Contributions to Individual and Family Well-Being

Vol. 19, No. 4, December 2005
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About the special issue

This special issue presents new findings that illustrate the ways in which sibling relationships serve as important contexts for individual development and family functioning. The collection of articles, which emphasizes effects on both normative and at-risk development, is intended to stimulate further research on the multifaceted and often contradictory contributions siblings extend to one another across the life course.

Articles in this issue

Sibling Relationship Contributions to Individual and Family Well-Being: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 483–485
Kramer, Laurie; Bank, Lew

Preschool Children's Interactions With Friends and Older Siblings: Relationship Specificity and Joint Contributions to Problem Behavior
Pages 486–496
McElwain, Nancy L.; Volling, Brenda L.

Playmates and Teachers: Reciprocal and Complementary Interactions Between Siblings
Pages 497–502
Howe, Nina; Recchia, Holly

Sibling Relationship Quality From Birth to Adolescence: The Enduring Contributions of Friends
Pages 503–511
Kramer, Laurie; Kowal, Amanda K.

Adolescent Sibling Relationships in Mexican American Families: Exploring the Role of Familism
Pages 512–522
Updegraff, Kimberly A.; McHale, Susan M.; Whiteman, Shawn D.; Thayer, Shawna M.; Delgado, Melissa Y.

Sibling Relationships in Early/Middle Childhood: Links With Individual Adjustment
Pages 523–532
Pike, Alison; Coldwell, Joanne; Dunn, Judith F.

Change in Maternal Perception of Sibling Negativity: Within- and Between-Family Influences
Pages 533–541
Jenkins, Jennifer M.; Dunn, Judy; O'Connor, Thomas G.; Rasbash, Jon; Behnke, Patricia

The Transition to Siblinghood: A Developmental Ecological Systems Perspective and Directions for Future Research
Pages 542–549
Volling, Brenda L.

Longitudinal Associations Between Sibling Relationship Quality, Parental Differential Treatment, and Children's Adjustment
Pages 550–559
Richmond, Melissa K.; Stocker, Clare M.; Rienks, Shauna L.

Families and Risk: Prospective Analyses of Familial and Social Influences on Adolescent Substance Use
Pages 560–570
Pomery, Elizabeth A.; Gibbons, Frederick X.; Gerrard, Meg; Cleveland, Michael J.; Brody, Gene H.; Wills, Thomas A.

Longitudinal Pathways Linking Family Factors and Sibling Relationship Qualities to Adolescent Substance Use and Sexual Risk Behaviors
Pages 571–580
East, Patricia L.; Khoo, Siek Toon

Older Siblings Benefit From a Family-Based Preventive Intervention for Preschoolers at Risk for Conduct Problems
Pages 581–591
Brotman, Laurie Miller; Dawson-McClure, Spring; Gouley, Kathleen Kiely; McGuire, Kristina; Burraston, Bert; Bank, Lew

Sibling Relationships as Contexts for Delinquency Training in Low-Income Families
Pages 592–600
Criss, Michael M.; Shaw, Daniel S.

Differential Association of Family Subsystem Negativity on Siblings' Maladjustment: Using Behavior Genetic Methods to Test Process Theory
Pages 601–610
Feinberg, Mark E.; Reiss, David; Neiderhiser, Jenae M.; Hetherington, E. Mavis

Sibling Effects on Substance Use in Adolescence: Social Contagion and Genetic Relatedness
Pages 611–618
Rende, Richard; Slomkowski, Cheryl; Lloyd-Richardson, Elizabeth; Niaura, Raymond

A Retrospective Study of Risk to Siblings in Abusing Families
Pages 619–624
Hamilton-Giachritsis, Catherine E.; Browne, Kevin D.

Latino Sibling Knowledge and Adjustment to Chronic Disability
Pages 625–632
Lobato, Debra J.; Kao, Barbara T.; Plante, Wendy

Reciprocal Links Among Differential Parenting, Perceived Partiality, and Self-Worth: A Three-Wave Longitudinal Study
Pages 633–642
Shebloski, Barbara; Conger, Katherine J.; Widaman, Keith F.

The Consequences of Antisocial Behavior in Older Male Siblings for Younger Brothers and Sisters
Pages 643–653
Snyder, Jim; Bank, Lew; Burraston, Bert

Commentary: Siblings in Their Families
Pages 654–657
Dunn, Judy

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