Journal of Family Psychology

Family Psychology and the Law: Exploring the Linkages

Vol. 17, No. 2, June 2003
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About the special issue

This special issue is an endeavor to bring together current research and paradigm development that has relevance not only to family psychologists who have expertise in systems and developmental theories but also to forensic psychologists who have expertise in individual assessment but may lack experience in a systems–ecological framework. A primary goal of this special issue is to introduce readers to new and emerging opportunities for research and practice in the areas where family psychology and family law overlap.

Articles in this issue

Family Psychology and Family Law: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 163–168
Grossman, Neil S.; Okun, Barbara F.

Family and Legal Indicators of Child Adjustment to Divorce Among Families With Young Children
Pages 169–180
Pruett, Marsha Kline; Williams, Tamra Y.; Insabella, Glendessa; Little, Todd D.

Integrative Family Therapy for Disputes Involving Child Custody and Visitation
Pages 181–192
Lebow, Jay

Developmental Issues in Relocation Cases Involving Young Children: When, Whether, and How?
Pages 193–205
Kelly, Joan B.; Lamb, Michael E.

Relocation of Children After Divorce and Children's Best Interests: New Evidence and Legal Considerations
Pages 206–219
Braver, Sanford L.; Ellman, Ira M.; Fabricius, William V.

Pregnancy, Drug Testing, and the Fourth Amendment: Legal and Behavioral Implications
Pages 220–228
Bornstein, Brian H.

A Nightmare for King Solomon: New Reproductive Technologies
Pages 229–237
Schwartz, Lita Linzer

Evaluating the Parental Fitness of Psychiatrically Diagnosed Individuals: Advocating a Functional-Contextual Analysis of Parenting
Pages 238–251
Benjet, Corina; Azar, Sandra T.; Kuersten-Hogan, Regina

Legal and Psychological Perspectives on Same-Sex Domestic Violence: A Multisystemic Approach
Pages 252–259
Potoczniak, Michael J.; Murot, Jon Etienne; Crosbie-Burnett, Margaret; Potoczniak, Daniel J.

Family Psychology and Family Law — A Family Court Judge's Perspective: Comment on the Special Issue
Pages 260–262
Kreeger, Judith L.

A Legal Perspective on Family Psychology and Family Law: Comment on the Special Issue
Pages 263–266
Kirkland, Kathryn

List Price: $25.00
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