Cultural Variations in Families

Journal of Family Psychology

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Ross D. Parke (Editor)
Vol. 14, No. 3, September 2000
Item #: 2171403
Format: Hard copy

About the special issue

The goal of this special issue on cultural variations in families—assessments, processes, and policies—is to increase our understanding of families of different ethnic, racial, and class backgrounds.

Articles in this issue

Beyond White and Middle Class: Cultural Variations in Families — Assessments, Processes, and Policies
Pages 331–333
Parke, Ross D.

Immigrant-Chinese and Euro-American Parents' Physical Closeness With Young Children: Themes of Family Relatedness
Pages 334–348
Rothbaum, Fred; Morelli, Gilda; Pott, Martha; Liu-Constant, Yvonne

Moderating Effect of Perceived Amount of Family Conflict on the Relation Between Home Environmental Processes and the Well-Being of Adolescents
Pages 349–364
Bradley, Robert H.; Corwyn, Robert F.

A Mediational Model of the Impact of Interparental Conflict on Child Adjustment in a Multiethnic, Low-Income Sample
Pages 365–379
Gonzales, Nancy A.; Pitts, Steven C.; Hill, Nancy E.; Roosa, Mark W.

Discipline Responses: Influences of Parents' Socioeconomic Status, Ethnicity, Beliefs About Parenting, Stress, and Cognitive-Emotional Processes
Pages 380–400
Pinderhughes, Ellen E.; Dodge, Kenneth A.; Bates, John E.; Pettit, Gregory S.; Zelli, Arnaldo

Parental Warmth, Control, and Indulgence and Their Relations to Adjustment in Chinese Children: A Longitudinal Study
Pages 401–419
Chen, Xinyin; Liu, Mowei; Li, Dan

Parenting Practices and Adolescent Depressive Symptoms in Chinese American Families
Pages 420–435
Kim, Su Yeong; Ge, Xiaojia

Patterns of Family Functioning and Adolescent Outcomes Among Urban African American and Mexican American Families
Pages 436–457
Gorman-Smith, Deborah; Tolan, Patrick H.; Henry, David B.; Florsheim, Paul

Adolescent–Parent Interactions in Middle-Class African American Families: Longitudinal Change and Contextual Variations
Pages 458–474
Smetana, Judith G.; Abernethy, Alexis; Harris, Ann

Effects of Parental Marital Status, Income, and Family Functioning on African American Adolescent Self-Esteem
Pages 475–490
Mandara, Jelani; Murray, Carolyn B.

Differential Parental Treatment Predicts Achievement and Self-Perceptions in Two Cultural Contexts
Pages 491–509
Barrett Singer, Alesia T.; Weinstein, Rhona S.

Black and White Girls' Racial Preferences in Media and Peer Choices and the Role of Socialization for Black Girls
Pages 510–521
O'Connor, Lisa A.; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne; Graber, Julia

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