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Psychologists Responding to Hurricane Katrina

Vol. 39, No. 1, February 2008
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Articles in this issue

After the Storm: Katrina's Impact on Psychological Practice in New Orleans
Pages 1–6
Faust, Douglas S.; Black, F. William; Abrahams, Joel P.; Warner, Melinda S.; Bellando, B. Jayne

Reflections on Hurricane Katrina and Its Impact: One Psychologist's Experience
Pages 7–11
Kamps, Jodi L.

In the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: A Personal Story of a Psychologist From New Orleans
Pages 12–17
Osofsky, Joy D.

Our Katrina Experience: Providing Mental Health Services in Concordia Parish, Louisiana
Pages 18–23
Akin-Little, Angeleque; Little, Steven G.

After the Storm: Recognition, Recovery, and Reconstruction
Pages 24–30
Dass-Brailsford, Priscilla

The Impact of Katrina: Shedding Light on Things Forgotten
Pages 31–36
Levy, Michael S.

Working as a Psychologist in the Medical Reserve Corps: Providing Emergency Mental Health Relief Services in Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Pages 37–44
Rosser, B. R. Simon

Mental Health Services in Louisiana School-Based Health Centers Post-Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Pages 45–51
Madrid, Paula A.; Garfield, Richard; Jaberi, Parham; Daly, Maureen; Richard, Georgina; Grant, Roy

School-Based Disaster Mental Health Services: Clinical, Policy, and Community Challenges
Pages 52–57
Dean, Kristin L.; Langley, Audra K.; Kataoka, Sheryl H.; Jaycox, Lisa H.; Wong, Marleen; Stein, Bradley D.

Public Mental Health: The Role of Population-Based and Macrosystems Interventions in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
Pages 58–65
McGuinness, Kevin M.; Coady, Jeff A.; Perez, Jon T.; Williams, N. Chanell; McIntyre, David J.; Schreiber, Merritt D.

Reestablishing Mental Health Services in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, Following Hurricane Katrina
Pages 66–76
Mitchell, Monica J.; Witman, Marjorie; Taffaro, Craig

Organizing Chaos: Crisis Management in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
Pages 77–85
Rizzuto, Tracey E.; Maloney, Laura K.

Meeting Mental Health Needs Following a Natural Disaster: Lessons From Hurricane Katrina
Pages 86–92
Madrid, Paula A.; Grant, Roy

Lessons From Katrina: Disaster Mental Health Service in the Gulf Coast Region
Pages 93–99
Haskett, Mary E.; Scott, Susan Smith; Nears, Kennard; Grimmett, Marc A.

Hurricane Katrina: Experiences of Psychologists and Implications for Future Disaster Response
Pages 100–106
Jones, Russell T.; Immel, Christopher S.; Moore, Rachel M.; Hadder, James M.

Clinical Research After Catastrophic Disasters: Lessons Learned From Hurricane Katrina
Pages 107–112
Flory, Kate; Kloos, Bret; Hankin, Benjamin L.; Cheely, Catherine A.

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