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Selective Social Learning

Vol. 49, No. 3, March 2013
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About the special issue

This special issue was motivated by the recent, wide-ranging interest in the development of children's selective social learning.

Human beings have a far-reaching dependence on others for information, and the focus of this issue is on the processes by which children selectively and intelligently learn from others. It showcases some of the finest current work in this area and also aims to encourage new lines of investigation and new ways of thinking about how children learn from others.

This issue also serves to highlight this new direction in basic research for the broader community of researchers, educators, and practitioners.

Articles in this issue

Selective Social Learning: New Perspectives on Learning From Others
Pages 399–403
Koenig, Melissa A.; Sabbagh, Mark A.

Knowing When to Doubt: Developing a Critical Stance When Learning From Others
Pages 404–418
Mills, Candice M.

Understanding Infants' and Children's Social Learning About Foods: Previous Research and New Prospects
Pages 419–425
Shutts, Kristin; Kinzler, Katherine D.; DeJesus, Jasmine M.

"Shall We Blick?": Novel Words Highlight Actors' Underlying Intentions for 14-Month-Old Infants
Pages 426–431
Chen, Marian L.; Waxman, Sandra R.

Matters of Accuracy and Conventionality: Prior Accuracy Guides Children's Evaluations of Others' Actions
Pages 432–438
Scofield, Jason; Gilpin, Ansley Tullos; Pierucci, Jillian; Morgan, Reed

Selective Trust: Children's Use of Intention and Outcome of Past Testimony
Pages 439–445
Liu, David; Vanderbilt, Kimberly E.; Heyman, Gail D.

"Who Can Help Me Fix This Toy?" The Distinction Between Causal Knowledge and Word Knowledge Guides Preschoolers' Selective Requests for Information
Pages 446–453
Kushnir, Tamar; Vredenburgh, Christopher; Schneider, Lauren A.

Links Between Parents' Epistemological Stance and Children's Evidence Talk
Pages 454–461
Luce, Megan R.; Callanan, Maureen A.; Smilovic, Sarah

Children's Use of Moral Behavior in Selective Trust: Discrimination Versus Learning
Pages 462–469
Doebel, Sabine; Koenig, Melissa A.

Accuracy Trumps Accent in Children's Endorsement of Object Labels
Pages 470–479
Corriveau, Kathleen H.; Kinzler, Katherine D.; Harris, Paul L.

Children's Use of Information Quality to Establish Speaker Preferences
Pages 480–490
Gillis, Randall L.; Nilsen, Elizabeth S.

Children's Sensitivity to the Knowledge Expressed in Pedagogical and Nonpedagogical Contexts
Pages 491–504
Gelman, Susan A.; Ware, Elizabeth A.; Manczak, Erika M.; Graham, Susan A.

Reading to Learn: Prereaders' and Early Readers' Trust in Text as a Source of Knowledge
Pages 505–513
Robinson, Elizabeth J.; Einav, Shiri; Fox, Amy

Dax Gets the Nod: Toddlers Detect and Use Social Cues to Evaluate Testimony
Pages 514–522
Fusaro, Maria; Harris, Paul L.

Children's Understanding of Speaker Reliability Between Lexical and Syntactic Knowledge
Pages 523–532
Sobel, David M.; Macris, Deanna M.

The Development of Children's Information Gathering: To Look or to Ask?
Pages 533–542
Fitneva, Stanka A.; Lam, Nietzsche H. L.; Dunfield, Kristen A.

Selective Skepticism: American and Chinese Children's Reasoning About Evaluative Academic Feedback
Pages 543–553
Heyman, Gail D.; Fu, Genyue; Lee, Kang

The Impact of Teacher–Child Relationships on Child Cognitive Performance as Explored by a Priming Paradigm
Pages 554–567
Ahnert, Lieselotte; Milatz, Anne; Kappler, Gregor; Schneiderwind, Jennifer; Fischer, Rico

Involvement in Traditional Cultural Practices and American Indian Children's Incidental Recall of a Folktale
Pages 568–578
Tsethlikai, Monica; Rogoff, Barbara

Social-Cognitive Processes in Preschoolers' Selective Trust: Three Cultures Compared
Pages 579–590
Lucas, Amanda J.; Lewis, Charlie; Pala, F. Cansu; Wong, Katie; Berridge, Damon

Knowing Better: The Role of Prior Knowledge and Culture in Trust in Testimony
Pages 591–601
Chan, Cheri C. Y.; Tardif, Twila

Developmental Differences in the Relative Weighing of Informants' Social Attributes
Pages 602–613
Reyes-Jaquez, Bolivar; Echols, Catharine H.

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