Violent Children

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Vol. 39, No. 2, March 2003
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About the special issue

The goal of this special issue on violent children is to begin to bridge the gaps among basic developmental science, prevention science, and public policy.

Articles in this issue

Violent Children: Bridging Development, Intervention, and Public Policy
Pages 187–188
Pettit, Gregory S.; Dodge, Kenneth A.

Trajectories Leading to School-Age Conduct Problems
Pages 189–200
Shaw, Daniel S.; Gilliom, Miles; Ingoldsby, Erin M.; Nagin, Daniel S.

Longitudinal Relations Between Children's Exposure to TV Violence and Their Aggressive and Violent Behavior in Young Adulthood: 1977–1992
Pages 201–221
Huesmann, L. Rowell; Moise-Titus, Jessica; Podolski, Cheryl-Lynn; Eron, Leonard D.

Developmental Trajectories of Childhood Disruptive Behaviors and Adolescent Delinquency: A Six-Site, Cross-National Study
Pages 222–245
Broidy, Lisa M.; Nagin, Daniel S.; Tremblay, Richard E.; Bates, John E.; Brame, Bobby; Dodge, Kenneth A.; Fergusson, David; Horwood, John L.; Loeber, Rolf; Laird, Robert; Lynam, Donald R.; Moffitt, Terrie E.; Pettit, Gregory S.; Vitaro, Frank

Callous–Unemotional Traits and Developmental Pathways to Severe Conduct Problems
Pages 246–260
Frick, Paul J.; Cornell, Amy H.; Bodin, S. Doug; Dane, Heather E.; Barry, Christopher T.; Loney, Bryan R.

Physical Aggression and Expressive Vocabulary in 19-Month-Old Twins
Pages 261–273
Dionne, Ginette; Tremblay, Richard; Boivin, Michel; Laplante, David; Pérusse, Daniel

The Developmental Ecology of Urban Males' Youth Violence
Pages 274–291
Tolan, Patrick H.; Gorman-Smith, Deborah; Henry, David B.

Initial Behavior Outcomes for the Peacebuilders Universal School-Based Violence Prevention Program
Pages 292–308
Flannery, Daniel J.; Vazsonyi, Alexander T.; Liau, Albert K.; Guo, Shenyang; Powell, Kenneth E.; Atha, Henry; Vesterdal, Wendy; Embry, Dennis

Integrating Biological and Social Processes in Relation to Early-Onset Persistent Aggression in Boys and Girls
Pages 309–323
Brennan, Patricia A.; Hall, Jason; Bor, William; Najman, Jake M.; Williams, Gail

Developmental Trajectories Toward Violence in Middle Childhood: Course, Demographic Differences, and Response to School-Based Intervention
Pages 324–348
Aber, J. Lawrence; Brown, Joshua L.; Jones, Stephanie M.

A Biopsychosocial Model of the Development of Chronic Conduct Problems in Adolescence
Pages 349–371
Dodge, Kenneth A.; Pettit, Gregory S.

Commentary: Causal Processes Leading to Antisocial Behavior
Pages 372–378
Rutter, Michael

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