Social and Emotional Development: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

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Kenneth H. Rubin (Guest Editor)
Vol. 34, No. 4, July 1998
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About the special issue

This special issue comprises four sections in which culture is examined insofar as it relates to the aforementioned levels of social analysis: "Emotional Development," "Parenting and Parent–Child Relationships," "Social Cognition and Social Relationships," and "Social and Emotional Adjustment and Maladjustment." Each section is followed by a commentary.

Articles in this issue

Social and Emotional Development From a Cultural Perspective
Pages 611–615
Rubin, Kenneth H.

Production of Emotional Facial Expressions in European American, Japanese, and Chinese Infants
Pages 616–628
Camras, Linda A.; Oster, Harriet; Campos, Joseph; Campos, Rosemary; Ujiie, Tatsuo; Miyake, Kazuo; Wang, Lei; Meng, Zhaolan

The Still-Face Effect in Chinese and Canadian 3- to 6-Month-Old Infants
Pages 629–639
Kisilevsky, Barbara S.; Hains, Sylvia M. J.; Lee, Kang; Muir, Darwin W.; Xu, Fen; Fu, Genyao; Zhao, Zheng Y.; Yang, Ru L.

Nepali Children's Ideas About Emotional Displays in Hypothetical Challenges
Pages 640–646
Cole, Pamela M.; Tamang, Babu Lal

Issues of Cultural Meaningfulness in Emotional Development
Pages 647–652
Saarni, Carolyn

Culture and Early Infancy Among Central African Foragers and Farmers
Pages 653–661
Hewlett, Barry S.; Lamb, Michael E.; Shannon, Donald; Leyendecker, Birgit; Schölmerich, Axel

A Cross-National Study of Self-Evaluations and Attributions in Parenting: Argentina, Belgium, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, and the United States
Pages 662–676
Bornstein, Marc H.; Haynes, O. Maurice; Azuma, Hiroshi; Galperín, Celia; Maital, Sharone; Ogino, Misako; Painter, Kathleen; Pascual, Liliana; Pêcheux, Marie-Germain; Rahn, Charles; Toda, Sueko; Venuti, Paolo; Vyt, André; Wright, Barbara

Child-Rearing Attitudes and Behavioral Inhibition in Chinese and Canadian Toddlers: A Cross-Cultural Study
Pages 677–686
Chen, Xinyin; Hastings, Paul D.; Rubin, Kenneth H.; Chen, Huichang; Cen, Guozhen; Stewart, Shannon L.

Overt and Relational Aggression in Russian Nursery-School-Age Children: Parenting Style and Marital Linkages
Pages 687–697
Hart, Craig H.; Nelson, David A.; Robinson, Clyde C.; Olsen, Susanne Frost; McNeilly-Choque, Mary Kay

Parenting in Different Cultures: Time to Focus
Pages 698–700
Stevenson-Hinde, Joan

Autobiographical Memory in Korean, Chinese, and American Children
Pages 701–713
Han, Jessica Jungsook; Leichtman, Michelle D.; Wang, Qi

Concepts of Human Differences: A Comparison of American, Japanese, and Chinese Children and Adolescents
Pages 714–722
Crystal, David S.; Watanabe, Hirozumi; Weinfurt, Kevin; Wu, Chin

Aspects of Social Reputation and Peer Relationships in Italian Children: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Pages 723–730
Casiglia, Amedeo C.; Lo Coco, Alida; Zappulla, Carla

Reasoning About Responsibilities and Obligations in Close Relationships: A Comparison Across Two Cultures
Pages 731–741
Keller, Monika; Edelstein, Wolfgang; Schmid, Christine; Fang, Fu-Xi; Fang, Ge

Diversity and the Social Mind: Goals, Constructs, Culture, and Development
Pages 742–746
Bukowski, William M.; Sippola, Lorrie K.

Do Parent Practices to Encourage Academic Competence Influence the Social Adjustment of Young European American and Chinese American Children?
Pages 747–756
Huntsinger, Carol S.; Jose, Paul E.; Larson, Shari L.

Stress and Coping Among Russian and American Early Adolescents
Pages 757–769
Jose, Paul E.; D'Anna, Catherine A.; Cafasso, Lynda L.; Bryant, Fred B.; Chiker, Vera; Gein, Natalia; Zhezmer, Natalya

A Cross-Cultural Study of Family and Peer Correlates of Adolescent Misconduct
Pages 770–781
Chen, Chuansheng; Greenberger, Ellen; Lester, Julia; Dong, Qi; Guo, Miaw-Sheue

Authority, Autonomy, and Parent–Adolescent Conflict and Cohesion: A Study of Adolescents From Mexican, Chinese, Filipino, and European Backgrounds
Pages 782–792
Fuligni, Andrew J.

Cross-Cultural Comparison as Doorkeeper in Research on the Social and Emotional Adjustment of Children and Adolescents
Pages 793–797
Schneider, Barry H.

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