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Sexual Orientation and Human Development

Vol. 31, No. 1, January 1995
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About the special issue

What part does sexual orientation play in human development? Despite the apparent significance of sexual identities in shaping lives, developmental research and theory on sexual orientation have, until recently, been relatively limited. Today, as lesbian women, gay men, and bisexual people become more open about sexual identities, psychological knowledge about the ways in which developmental processes affect and in turn are affected by sexual orientation is growing rapidly.

As the articles in this special issue reveal, groundbreaking research is being conducted, from a variety of perspectives, by investigators from many different traditions. Research on sexual orientation and human development has the potential to make important contributions both to the theory and to the practice of developmental psychology.

Articles in this issue

Sexual Orientation and Human Development: An Overview
Pages 3–11
Patterson, Charlotte J.

Prenatal Estrogens and the Development of Homosexual Orientation
Pages 12–21
Meyer-Bahlburg, Heino F. L.; Ehrhardt, Anke A.; Rosen, Laura R.; Gruen, Rhoda S.; Veridiano, Norma P.; Vann, Felix H.; Neuwalder, Herbert F.

Birth Order and Sibling Sex Ratio in Homosexual Male Adolescents and Probably Prehomosexual Feminine Boys
Pages 22–30
Blanchard, Ray; Zucker, Kenneth J.; Bradley, Susan J.; Hume, Caitlin S.

Early Hormonal Influences on Childhood Sex-Typed Activity and Playmate Preferences: Implications for the Development of Sexual Orientation
Pages 31–42
Berenbaum, Sheri A.; Snyder, Elizabeth

Childhood Sex-Typed Behavior and Sexual Orientation: A Conceptual Analysis and Quantitative Review
Pages 43–55
Bailey, J. Michael; Zucker, Kenneth J.

An Exploratory Study of Pubertal Maturation Timing and Self-Esteem Among Gay and Bisexual Male Youths
Pages 56–64
Savin-Williams, Ritch C.

The Impact of Victimization on the Mental Health and Suicidality of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youths
Pages 65–74
Hershberger, Scott L.; D'Augelli, Anthony R.

Prevalence, Course, and Predictors of Multiple Problem Behaviors Among Gay and Bisexual Male Adolescents
Pages 75–85
Rotheram-Borus, Mary Jane; Rosario, Margaret; Van Rossem, Ronan; Reid, Helen; Gillis, Roy

Developmental Changes in Relationship Quality in Gay and Lesbian Cohabiting Couples
Pages 86–94
Kurdek, Lawrence A.

Transitions From Heterosexuality to Lesbianism: The Discursive Production of Lesbian Identities
Pages 95–104
Kitzinger, Celia; Wilkinson, Sue

Lesbians Choosing Motherhood: A Comparative Study of Lesbian and Heterosexual Parents and Their Children
Pages 105–114
Flaks, David K.; Ficher, Ilda; Masterpasqua, Frank; Joseph, Gregory

Families of the Baby Boom: Parents' Division of Labor and Children's Adjustment
Pages 115–123
Patterson, Charlotte J.

Sexual Orientation of Adult Sons of Gay Fathers
Pages 124–129
Bailey, J. Michael; Bobrow, David; Wolfe, Marilyn; Mikach, Sarah

Commentary on Sexual Orientation: Research and Social Policy Implications
Pages 130–136
Baumrind, Diana

Research on Sexual Orientation and Human Development: A Commentary
Pages 137–140
Strickland, Bonnie R.

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