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Knowledge in Context: Qualitative Methods in Counseling Psychology Research

Vol. 52, No. 2, April 2005
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About the special issue

The major goal of the special issue is to introduce a variety of qualitative and mixed methods approaches to counseling psychologists and to encourage their increased application in research.

Articles in this issue

A Time and Place for Qualitative and Mixed Methods in Counseling Psychology Research
Pages 123–125
Haverkamp, Beth E.; Morrow, Susan L.; Ponterotto, Joseph G.

Qualitative Research in Counseling Psychology: A Primer on Research Paradigms and Philosophy of Science
Pages 126–136
Ponterotto, Joseph G.

Language and Meaning: Data Collection in Qualitative Research
Pages 137–145
Polkinghorne, Donald E.

Ethical Perspectives on Qualitative Research in Applied Psychology
Pages 146–155
Haverkamp, Beth E.

Paradigms, Praxis, Problems, and Promise: Grounded Theory in Counseling Psychology Research
Pages 156–166
Fassinger, Ruth E.

Phenomenological Research Methods for Counseling Psychology
Pages 167–177
Wertz, Frederick J.

Narratology, Cultural Psychology, and Counseling Research
Pages 178–186
Hoshmand, Lisa Tsoi

Practicing Participatory Action Research
Pages 187–195
Kidd, Sean A.; Kral, Michael J.

Consensual Qualitative Research: An Update
Pages 196–205
Hill, Clara E.; Knox, Sarah; Thompson, Barbara J.; Williams, Elizabeth Nutt; Hess, Shirley A.; Ladany, Nicholas

Ethnography in Counseling Psychology Research: Possibilities for Application
Pages 206–214
Suzuki, Lisa A.; Ahluwalia, Muninder K.; Mattis, Jacqueline S.; Quizon, Cherubim A.

The Action–Project Method in Counseling Psychology
Pages 215–223
Young, Richard A.; Valach, Ladislav; Domene, José F.

Mixed Methods Research Designs in Counseling Psychology
Pages 224–235
Hanson, William E.; Creswell, John W.; Clark, Vicki L. Plano; Petska, Kelly S.; Creswell, J. David

Ideographic Concept Mapping in Counseling Psychology Research: Conceptual Overview, Methodology, and an Illustration
Pages 236–242
Goodyear, Rodney K.; Tracey, Terence J. G.; Claiborn, Charles D.; Lichtenberg, James W.; Wampold, Bruce E.

Ethnographic Decision Tree Modeling: A Research Method for Counseling Psychology
Pages 243–249
Beck, Kirk A.

Quality and Trustworthiness in Qualitative Research in Counseling Psychology
Pages 250–260
Morrow, Susan L.

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