Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Health Psychology (April 2013)

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Vol. 81, No. 2, April 2013
Item #: 2068102
ISBN: 978-1-4338-1527-0
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About the special issue

This collection of articles includes state of the clinical science reviews, reports of clinical trials, and articles addressing theory and methods in behavioral medicine and clinical health psychology. A multilevel, ecological perspective that considers multiple levels of influences (e.g., cultural influences on behavior–health linkages, individual differences) is salient throughout many of the articles.

Articles in this issue

Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Health Psychology: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 193–195
Christensen, Alan J.; Nezu, Arthur M.

Cultural Adaptations of Behavioral Health Interventions: A Progress Report
Pages 196–205
Barrera Jr., Manuel; Castro, Felipe G.; Strycker, Lisa A.; Toobert, Deborah J.

Religiousness/Spirituality, Cardiovascular Disease, and Cancer: Cultural Integration for Health Research and Intervention
Pages 206–216
Masters, Kevin S.; Hooker, Stephanie A.

Translating Basic Behavioral and Social Science Research to Clinical Application: The EVOLVE Mixed Methods Approach
Pages 217–230
Peterson, Janey C.; Czajkowski, Susan; Charlson, Mary E.; Link, Alissa R.; Wells, Martin T.; Isen, Alice M.; Mancuso, Carol A.; Allegrante, John P.; Boutin-Foster, Carla; Ogedegbe, Gbenga; Jobe, Jared B.

Psychosocial Factors and Behavioral Medicine Interventions in Asthma
Pages 231–250
Ritz, Thomas; Meuret, Alicia E.; Trueba, Ana F.; Fritzsche, Anja; von Leupoldt, Andreas

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Adjusting to Multiple Sclerosis (the saMS Trial): Does CBT Work and for Whom Does It Work?
Pages 251–262
Moss-Morris, Rona; Dennison, Laura; Landau, Sabine; Yardley, Lucy; Silber, Eli; Chalder, Trudie

Treating Depressed and Anxious Smokers in Smoking Cessation Programs
Pages 263–273
Richards, C. Steven; Cohen, Lee M.; Morrell, Holly E. R.; Watson, Noreen L.; Low, Blakely E.

Reductions in Traumatic Stress Following a Coping Intervention Were Mediated by Decreases in Avoidant Coping for People Living With HIV/AIDS and Childhood Sexual Abuse
Pages 274–283
Sikkema, Kathleen J.; Ranby, Krista W.; Meade, Christina S.; Hansen, Nathan B.; Wilson, Patrick A.; Kochman, Arlene

Gender-Specific Effects of an Augmented Written Emotional Disclosure Intervention on Posttraumatic, Depressive, and HIV-Disease-Related Outcomes: A Randomized, Controlled Trial
Pages 284–298
Ironson, Gail; O'Cleirigh, Conall; Leserman, Jane; Stuetzle, Rick; Fordiani, Joanne; Fletcher, MaryAnn; Schneiderman, Neil

Psychological Factors Associated With Head and Neck Cancer Treatment and Survivorship: Evidence and Opportunities for Behavioral Medicine
Pages 299–317
Howren, M. Bryant; Christensen, Alan J.; Karnell, Lucy Hynds; Funk, Gerry F.

Mechanisms in Psychosocial Interventions for Adults Living With Cancer: Opportunity for Integration of Theory, Research, and Practice
Pages 318–335
Stanton, Annette L.; Luecken, Linda J.; MacKinnon, David P.; Thompson, Elizabeth H.

Promoting Healthy Weight With "Stability Skills First": A Randomized Trial
Pages 336–346
Kiernan, Michaela; Brown, Susan D.; Schoffman, Danielle E.; Lee, Katherine; King, Abby C.; Taylor, C. Barr; Schleicher, Nina C.; Perri, Michael G.

Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity: An Integrative Review of Recent Recommendations From Five Expert Groups
Pages 347–360
Kirschenbaum, Daniel S.; Gierut, Kristen

Chronic Hepatitis C and Antiviral Treatment Regimens: Where Can Psychology Contribute?
Pages 361–374
Evon, Donna M.; Golin, Carol E.; Fried, Michael W.; Keefe, Francis J.

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