Archives of Scientific Psychology

eISSN: 2169-3269
Published: beginning in January 2013

The subject matter of articles published in Archives of Scientific Psychology spans the entire discipline of psychology. Journal readers will find articles on subjects ranging from neuroscience to political psychology, and all topics in between. Articles will also describe research conducted using any of the methods used by researchers in psychology — experimental, descriptive, and research synthesis, quantitative and qualitative.

This is an "open access" journal, which means that a publication fee is typically assessed prior to publication for accepted manuscripts. However, the publication fee has been waived through 2014. Additionally, all authors of articles accepted for publication through 2014 will have lifetime waivers of any publication fees.

Articles are published in sections encompassing broad areas of psychological investigation. These are:

  • Abnormal, clinical, and counseling psychology
  • Applications of psychology
  • Behavioral and cognitive neuroscience
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Comparative psychology
  • Developmental and life span psychology
  • Educational and school psychology
  • Health and pediatric psychology
  • Methods, measurement, and assessment
  • Organizational psychology
  • Social and personality psychology

Articles published in Archives of Scientific Psychology have five characteristics that, together, make them unique:

  • The articles are free and open to the public; anyone with access to the Internet should have access to these research papers.
  • Authors have completed a questionnaire — based on APA's Journal Article Reporting Standards (JARS) or the Meta-Analysis Reporting Standards (MARS) — that provides a finely nuanced description of the study's rationale, method, results, and interpretation.
  • The authors have made available for use by others the data that underlie the analyses presented in the paper.
  • Because articles published in Archives of Scientific Psychology are available to the general public as well as scientists, readers find two versions of each article's
    • Abstract, one written in "plain English" and the other used for retrieval of the article from databases of scientific references.
    • Method section, one providing a brief, non-technical rendition of the study's participants, measures, procedures and analytic approach, and the other contained in the JARS Questionnaire.
  • The (a) article, (b) comments on the article (perhaps by scholars who took part in the peer review process), and (c) authors' response may be published at the same time. Additional comments on the article can be posted to a public discussion forum linked to the article, which will be monitored by the Editorial office.
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