APA Streaming Video Resources for Psychotherapy Training and Instruction

APA offers a wide variety of resources for psychotherapy training, including focused video demonstrations and comprehensive full-text and bibliographic research databases. All options are delivered on the award-winning APA PsycNET® platform.

Professional Psychotherapy Training Videos Undergraduate Instructional Videos

Provide ongoing professional development for clinicians and psychotherapy training for counseling interns with versatile streaming video products from APA. Choose from a variety of specialized video collections, each designed to address common presenting issues while demonstrating a wide range of therapeutic techniques, topics, and outcomes.

This special collection of therapy demonstrations was chosen specifically for undergraduate programs in psychology, and is essential for any institution looking for an authoritative introduction to psychotherapy. Each of the 20+ videos in this collection focuses on demonstrating a different psychotherapeutic approach.

On-Demand Access to Other APA Resources

Search the database that's right for your immediate needs with the flexibility of on-demand access to APA's scholarly research databases. Access varies by database, and is available for either a 24-hour period or charged on the basis of each item that is downloaded.

Learn More About the APA PsycNET Search Platform for Video Content

Designed with the APA research databases in mind, APA PsycNET combines APA's knowledge of psychology and behavioral science, expert indexing, advanced search technology, and state-of-the-art video distribution. APA PsycNET enhances your ability to conduct professional, quality research by providing greater flexibility, powerful search and display options, and by producing targeted results.

Notable video search and display features of APA PsycNET include:

  • Conduct targeted searches across multiple fields
  • Browse by topic, therapist, or approach
  • Jump to specific points within the video by searching within transcripts that are carefully synchronized with the video
  • Full integration of the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms®
  • My PsycNET personal research manager and more

Learn more about APA PsycNET.