An unparalleled resource for the discovery and use of psychological measures, scales, and instrumentation tools

What Professionals Say About PsycTESTS®

Every week librarians discuss the difficulty of getting a test or tests on library email lists. Focus groups with librarians have demonstrated strong market desire for such a database, so long as it includes the full text of tests.

Psychologists have hailed the development of the new database, saying it will advance the field significantly for all professionals regardless of their specialty.

The APA Publications and Communications Board enthusiastically endorsed it as a service to the profession.

PsycTESTS builds on other APA initiatives such as the APA Testing Office's extensive web site on tests, which APA established by working closely with several standards groups, and APA's information for the public on testing issues.

The database serves psychology in several ways

  • It serves as a repository for tests and measures that have been described in peer-reviewed journals, dissertations, technical reports, and books.
  • It enables researchers to trace the lineage of tests and measures over time.
  • It significantly reduces the incidence of researchers and students making up tests (and duplicating work already done) when they cannot find one that suits their research.
  • Because it makes meta-analysis of research results among various experiments much easier, it will help make data sets more useful over time.
  • It supports the improvement of tests and measures.

The audience for PsycTESTS is researchers, students, librarians, and practitioners. Settings include academic institutions, mental health centers, hospitals, government agencies, and others.