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Sources for PsycTESTS

PsycTESTS records are created from research published in the scholarly literature. They are taken from a broad range of specialties across the discipline of psychology.

  • One of the inspirations for the database was the Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures, Volumes 1–9, edited by Bert A. Goldman and David F. Mitchell. Many of the records in the database are based on entries in these volumes.
  • APA staff scrutinize journal articles, technical reports, and dissertations to identify new source documents on a regular, ongoing basis.
  • Historical documents from the Archives of the History of American Psychology at the University of Akron are another source for database records.
  • Authors of tests are invited to provide their content for possible inclusion in the database. The tests and the literature describing them will be readily discovered through PsycTESTS. Visit the Call for Tests page for details.