Critical Incident Technique Bibliography

Donated by Grave Fivars

Critical Incident Technique (CIT) Bibliography (PDF, 593KB, 301 pages)
A Research Tool to identify critical requirements for performance in a wide array of professional and general applied areas of psychology and behavioral science.

The Introduction (PDF, 36KB) explains the technique and describes John Flanagan's original conception of the process.

The technique was first described in The Critical Incident Technique (PDF, 273KB) by John C. Flanagan, which was published in Psychological Bulletin, Volume 51, Number 4, in July 1954. APA thanks the American Institute for Research for permission to post this article.

Donated for research purposes by Grace Fivars, who compiled it with Robert Fitzpatrick. APA thanks them and the American Institute for Research under whose auspices the bibliography was created.

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