PsycCASES® provides resources—both books and videos—for understanding effective psychotherapy.

With PsycCASES, APA offers a window with a direct panorama onto the world of psychotherapy. The site is specifically tailored for the user who wants to see, read, and hear dialogue as the therapist conducts psychotherapy. Seeing, reading, and hearing the cases showcased here gives the user a true "nuts-and-bolts" feeling for the psychotherapeutic process in a way that the purely descriptive text of a journal or book cannot.

For practitioners and students seeking direct access and comprehension into a given form of psychotherapy at its most basic, one-on-one level, there is no substitute for seeing, reading, and hearing the language used by therapist and client directly in the clinical session. From the psychoanalysis initially developed and practiced by Sigmund Freud, through to cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems therapy, clinical hypnosis, the several forms of psychodynamic psychotherapy, and many other historically and developmentally significant modalities of clinical practice, PsycCASES is your best and most reliable avenue to actual case material.

With PsycCASES, APA is proud to offer mental health professionals and students alike with a selection from several books of clinical case studies (often with full text therapy dialogue) and from a vast library of videotaped demonstrations of particular modalities and clinical approaches in treating specific problems and disorders. We inaugurate the site with a presentation of eight clinical case studies from four highly acclaimed texts published by APA Books®:


From the Casebook for Integrating Family Therapy: An Ecosystemic Approach, edited by Susan H. McDaniel, Don-David Lusterman, Carol L. Philpot


From the Casebook for A Spiritual Strategy in Counseling and Psychotherapy, edited by P. Scott Richards and Allen E. Bergin


From the Casebook of Clinical Hypnosis, edited by Steven Jay Lynn, Irving Kirsch, and Judith W. Rhue


From A Casebook of Psychotherapy Integration, edited by George Stricker, PhD; Jerry Gold, PhD