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ISBN Book Title Author/Editor © Year
1-4338-1794-2 APA Handbook of Forensic Psychology, Volume 1: Individual and Situational Influences in Criminal and Civil Contexts Cutler, Brian L. and Zapf, Patricia A. 2015
1-4338-1795-0 APA Handbook of Forensic Psychology, Volume 2: Criminal Investigation, Adjudication, and Sentencing Outcomes Cutler, Brian L. and Zapf, Patricia A. 2015
  About ourselves: A survey of human nature from the zoological viewpoint Needham, James G.; Sargent, William D. (Illus) 1941
  Adult interests Thorndike, Edward L. 1935
  Criminology Gault, Robert H. 1932
  Design of human behavior, The Kattsoff, Louis O. 1947
  Interest and effort in education Dewey, John 1913
  Mind of a "member": New bearings for service to home and work relations, The Sheffield, Alfred D.; Sheffield, Ada Eliot 1951
  Personality and English in technical personnel McDonald, Philip B. 1946
  Prediction of performance in clinical psychology, The Kelly, E. Lowell; Fiske, Donald W. 1951
  Principles of general psychopathology: An interpretation of the theoretical foundations of psychopathological concepts Fischer, Sigfried 1950
  Psychology of secondary education Judd, Charles Hubbard 1927
  Reasoning ability of children of the fourth, fifth and sixth school grades, The Bonser, Frederick Gordon 1910
  Religion in the developing personality: Proceedings of the Second Academic Symposium 1958   1960
  School and the child, being selections from the educational essays of John Dewey, The Dewey, John; Findlay, J. J. (Ed) 1909
  Semi-insane and the semi-responsible, The Grasset, Joseph; Jelliffe, Smith Ely (Trans) 1907
  Study of dolls, A Hall, G. Stanley; Ellis, A. Caswell 1897
  Suggestive power of hypnotism, The Winslow, L. Forbes 1910
  Tensions affecting international understanding: A survey of research Klineberg, Otto 1950
  Therapy through interview Law, Stanley G. 1948
  Two souls in one body: A case of dual personality Goddard, Henry Herbert 1927
  Understanding personality Harmon, Francis Lelande 1948