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ISBN Book Title Author/Editor © Year
  Building a girl's personality: A social psychology of later girlhood Cavan, Ruth Shonle; Cavan, Jordan True 1932
  Child and his development, The Lee, J. Murray; Lee, Dorris May 1958
  Child psychology: A dynamic approach Peck, Leigh 1953
  Childhood problems and the teacher Buhler, Charlotte; Smitter, Faith; Richardson, Sybil; Bradshaw, Franklyn 1953
  Christian paths to self-acceptance Bonthius, Robert H. 1948
  Contemporary theories of learning: With applications to education and psychology Thorpe, Louis P.; Schmuller, Allen M. 1954
  Creative analysis: The graded exercises in analysis Upton, Albert; Samson, Richard W. 1963
  Developmental psychology Thorpe, Louis P.; Cruze, Wendell W. 1956
  Educational psychology Guthrie, Edwin R.; Powers, Francis F. 1950
  Fostering intellectual development in young children Wann, Kenneth D.; Dorn, Miriam Selchen; Liddle, Elizabeth Ann 1962
  Influence of the group on the judgments of children: An experimental investigation, The Berenda, Ruth W. 1950
  Mind of the murderer, The Neustatter, W. Lindsay 1957
  Personality and adjustment Patty, William L.; Johnson, Louise Snyder 1953
  Pound of prevention: How teachers can meet the emotional needs of young children, A Hymes, James L. 1954
1-4338-1801-9 Premature Termination in Psychotherapy: Strategies for Engaging Clients and Improving Outcomes Swift, Joshua; Greenberg, Roger 2015
1-4338-1812-4 Psychological Practice With Women: Guidelines, Diversity, Empowerment Enns, Carolyn (Ed) 2015
  Psychophysiologic medicine Ziskind, Eugene 1954
  Religious dimensions of personality, The Oates, Wayne E. 1957
  Roots of psychotherapy, The Whitaker, Carl A.; Malone, Thomas P. 1953
  Schoolhouse disasters: Family and community as determinants of the child's response to disaster, The Perry, Helen Swick; Perry, Stewart E. 1959
  Therapeutic community: A new treatment method in psychiatry, The Jones, Maxwell; Baker, A.; Freeman, Thomas; Merry, Julius; Pomryn, B. A.; Sandler, Joseph; Tuxford, Joy 1953
  Understanding group behavior: A discussion guide Miller, Harry L. 1953