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ISBN Book Title Author/Editor © Year
1-4338-1321-1 Attachment in Group Psychotherapy Marmarosh, Cheri 2013
1-4338-1331-9 Building Psychological Resilience in Military Personnel: Building Psychological Resilience in Military Personnel Britt, Thomas (Ed); Sinclair, Robert (Ed) 2013
  Counseling psychology (2nd ed.) Hahn, Milton E.; MacLean, Malcolm S. 1955
  Disorganization: Personal and social Bloch, Herbert A. 1952
  Dynamics of psychological testing: A formulation and guide to independent clinical practice, The Gurvitz, Milton S. 1951
1-4338-1329-7 Families of Children With Developmental Disablities: Understanding Stress and Opportunities for Growth Carroll, David W. 2013
  Intensive group psychotherapy Bach, George R. 1954
1-4338-1364-5 Internet Sex Offenders Seto, Michael C. 2013
  Multiple counseling: A small-group discussion method for personal growth Driver, Helen Irene 1954
  My self and I: The intimate and completely frank record of one woman's courageous experiment with psychiatry's newest drug LSD-25 Newland, Constance A. 1962
  Problem of personality: A critical and constructive study in the light of recent thought, The Northcroft Merrington, Ernest 1916
  Psychological aspects of physical disability Garrett, James F. (Ed) 1952
  Psychology of behaviour: A practical study of human personality and conduct with special reference to methods of development, The Severn, Elizabeth 1920
  Psychology of citizenship, The Weeks, Arland D. 1917
  Psychology of drawing, with special reference to laboratory teaching, The Ayer, Fred Carleton 1916
  Psychology of the common branches, The Nugent Freeman, Frank 1916
  Psychotherapy of psychosis Bychowski, Gustav 1952
  Race awareness in young children Goodman, Mary Ellen 1952
  Science and the art of teaching, The La Rue, Daniel Wolford 1917
  Social relations and morale in small groups Gardner, Eric F.; Thompson, George G. 1956
  Stochastic models for learning Bush, Robert R.; Mosteller, Frederick 1955
1-4338-1319-X Strategic Decision Making in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Wenzel, Amy 2013
  Student's Froebel, adapted from Die menschenerziehung of F. Froebel, Part I: Theory of education, The Froebel, Friedrich; Herford, William H. (Trans) 1916
  Teaching in secondary schools (3rd ed.) Bossing, Nelson L. 1952
  Treatment of mental disorder Alexander, Leo 1953