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The following books were added to PsycBOOKS® in August 2014.

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Some Classic Books do not have an ISBN assigned.

ISBN Book Title Author/Editor © Year
  Adjustment and mastery: Problems in psychology Woodworth, Robert S. 1933
1-4338-1761-6 Biopsychosocial Practice: A Science-Based Framework for Behavioral Health Care Melchert, Timothy 2015
  Biosocial nature of man, The Montagu, Ashley 1956
  Child psychiatric techniques: Diagnostic and therapeutic approach to normal and abnormal development through patterned, expressive, and group behavior Bender, Lauretta 1952
  Children of today and tomorrow Dukes, Ethel; Hay, Margaret 1949
  Disorders of character: Persistent enuresis, juvenile delinquency, and psychopathic personality Michaels, Joseph J. 1955
  Foundations of school learning Wheat, Harry Grove 1955
1-4338-1204-5 Handbook of Spatial Cognition Waller, David; Nadel, Lynn 2013
  How personalities grow Shacter, Helen 1949
1-4338-1763-2 Lives of LGBT Older Adults: Understanding Challenges and Resilience, The Orel, Nancy (Ed); Fruhauf, Christine (Ed) 2015
  Maze Test and clinical psychology, The Porteus, Stanley D. 1959
  Mental tests in clinics for children Kent, Grace H. 1950
  Modern child psychology Bowley, Agatha H. 1948
  Parents and children: A first book on the psychology of child development and training Valentine, C. W. 1953
  Personality, many in one Bridges, James Winfred 1932
1-4338-1791-8 Prevention Psychology: Enhancing Personal and Social Well-Being Romano, John L. 2015
  Psychology of childhood and youth: Outlines of thirty lectures, The Barnes, Earl 1914
  Psychoneuroses and their treatment by psychotherapy, The Dejerine, J.; Gauckler, E.; Jelliffe, Smith Ely (Trans) 1913
  Self improvement Allers, Rudolf 1939
  Some aspects of hostility in young children Korner, Anneliese Friedsam 1949
  Teaching procedures Ruediger, William Carl 1932
1-4338-1797-7 Testing Accommodations for Students With Disabilities: Research-Based Practice Lovett, Benjamin; Lewandowski, Benjamin 2015
  Trained memory, The Hilton, Warren 1914
  Uplift book of child culture, The Marder, Orison Swett; Merrill, Jenny B.; Lindsey, Ben B.; Northrop, Alice R; Blumenthal, Gustave A.; Weaver, Eli W. 1913
Why children fail Ide, Galdys G. 1934