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ISBN Book Title Author/Editor © Year
  Analyzing psychotherapy Katzenelbogen, Solomon 1958
  Behavioral analysis: Analysis of clinical observations of behavior; as applied to mother-newborn relationships Levy, David M. 1958
1-4338-1278-9 Beyond Significance Testing: Statistics Reform in the Behavioral Sciences, Second Edition Kline, Rex B. 2013
  Character disorders in parents of delinquents Reiner, Beatrice Simcox; Kaufman, Irving 1959
  Child development and adjustment: Study of child psychology Crow, Lester D.; Crow, Alice 1962
  Children & Their ways and wants Reeves, Katherine 1959
  Dimensions of character Ligon, Ernest M. 1956
  Dynamic psychopathology Graham, Thomas F. 1957
  Ego and milieu: Theory and practice of environmental therapy Cumming, John; Cumming, Elaine 1962
  Emotional dynamics and group culture: Experimental studies of individual and group behavior Stock, Dorothy; Thelen, Herbert A. 1958
  Exceptional children Goodenough, Florence L.; Rynkiewicz, Lois M. (Col) 1956
  Factors that influence learning Prescott, Daniel A. 1958
  Growth and development of children (3rd ed.) Watson, Ernest H.; Lowrey, George H. 1958
  Handbook of abnormal psychology, A Nice, Richard W.; Edward, Podolsky (Col) 1959
1-4338-1273-8 Human Information Processing: Vision, Memory, and Attention Chubb, Charles (Ed) 2013
0-486-44136-9 Individual choice behavior: A theoretical analysis Luce, R. Duncan 2005
  Insanity and allied neuroses: Practical and clinical Savage, George H. 1884
  Metamorphosis: On the development of affect, perception, attention, and memory Schachtel, Ernest G. 1959
  Motivation research and marketing management Newman, Joseph W. 1957
  Newer dimensions of patient care, Part 1: The use of the physical and social environment of the general hospital for therapeutic purposes Brown, Esther Lucile 1961
  Personality in a communal society: An analysis of the mental health of the Hutterites Kaplan, Bert; Plaut, Thomas F. A. 1956
1-4338-1283-5 Reform of Eyewitness Identification Procedures Cutler, Brian L. 2013
  Selected bibliography on brain impairment, aphasia and organic psychodiagnosis, A Wepman, Joseph M. 1961