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May 2014 | Vol. 33, No. 2

Featured Article

Meet PsycINFO's New Senior Director: Mary Sauer-Games

We are pleased to announce that PsycINFO has a new Senior Director, Mary Sauer-Games.

Also in This Issue

  • A PsycTESTS Milestone: 20,000 Records!
    In March 2014, PsycTESTS added its 20,000th test. This means that over the last two and half years, the database has grown by 900%.
  • In Search Of: Sample Searches in Nursing
    This issue's In Search of illustrates just a few of the ways in which a user working on a topic in nursing can use PsycINFO to round out their research.
  • Get More
    Learn about conference training at SLA and ALA, a sunrise seminar at MLA, summer webinars, and APA's new journal Traumatology.