Editorial: Sometimes It Does Take a Village

The Salute to Contributors Issue: In this issue of PsycINFO News, we're focusing on organizations that have made significant contributions to APA's research databases.

Public radio has just finished conducting its fall membership drive, and each day brought the all-familiar request for contributions: "This is listener-supported radio" and "this is your programming," the endlessly chipper announcers remind us. And, of course, "we can't do it without you."

Here at APA, we know how our radio colleagues feel. We too rely on a support base to provide the best product available. For us though, the coin is content and not cash.

APA has three databases that rely on contributions from outside of regular publishing sources for their content, PsycEXTRA®, PsycTESTS®, and PsycBOOKS®.


PsycEXTRA is our gray literature database devoted to structuring scattered and hard-to-find content from a wide variety of sources that include associations, research institutes, the military, foundations, governments, and other collections. PsycEXTRA is notable in that the content is specifically contributor provided. We have so many wonderful contributors to PsycEXTRA, that we essentially chose one at random to highlight: the Institute for Women's Policy Research.

We'd be interested in organizations that you recommend we cover. If there is a content provider you'd particularly like to see included in PsycEXTRA, please let us know by emailing PsycEXTRA.

We also welcome content from your organization members who have presented at a conference and have presentations or abstracts they'd like to include or dissertations they'd like to submit for review. View our tutorial on what and how to submit to PsycEXTRA.


PsycTESTS was newly launched in September of this year. It draws its content from a variety of sources, but it is primarily focused on tests developed by researchers but not made commercially available.

Tests currently in the database include those compiled from a systematic review of peer-reviewed journals published by APA and a number of other large publishers, technical reports from PsycEXTRA, contributions from individual test authors, and collections from other institutions. We're pleased to announce that we've recently received a generous contribution from Rutgers University that we're now processing.

Are you by any chance having space issues and trying to decide what to do with a physical collection that includes tests and measures? Please let us know. There is also a tutorial on the submission process that you can share with members of your organization.


PsycBOOKS classic books provide sources on the historic underpinnings of psychology with selected landmark titles in psychology. These titles are typically out of print and have been donated to APA. In this newsletter, we'll feature the Archives of the History of American Psychology, which has provided the core of the classic books collection. Though the Archives have been a generous contributor to each of our donor-supported databases, they have been absolutely crucial to the classic books collection.

If you have a collection of books you'd like to contribute, please contact Olin Nettles.