PsycEXTRA®: Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

PsycEXTRA®, APA's gray literature database, is growing, thanks to our wonderful content providers. This article focuses on contributions from the Institute for Women's Policy Research.

PsycEXTRA® is our gray literature database, a hybrid of emerging research, content of historical importance to the behavioral sciences, and patient education materials that combines both the quality bibliographic information users are accustomed to with PsycINFO® and full text for a high percentage of the documents covered.

In the past year, we've expanded the document types covered in PsycEXTRA, so one can now search literally dozens:

  • Amicus Brief
  • bibliography
  • brochure/fact sheet
  • clinical trial
  • conference: abstract
  • conference: presentation
  • conference: program
  • curriculum
  • data
  • directory
  • dissertation/thesis
  • grant
  • legislation
  • monograph
  • multimedia
  • patent
  • periodical: journal
  • periodical: magazine
  • periodical: newsletter
  • periodical: newspaper
  • press release
  • report
  • report: administrative
  • report: summary
  • speech/interview/oral history
  • standard/guideline
  • testimony, website/blog

PsycEXTRA depends on content contributed by organizations and individuals who appreciate the value of the database to the researcher community.

There are numerous benefits that come with submitting material to PsycEXTRA. Among them are the speed with which intellectual material becomes accessible to researchers, in effect, "staking a claim" to a topic area. So, for example, content created on the worldwide Occupy movement can be in the database within days or weeks rather than the months it takes for inclusion in peer reviewed sources.

The research also becomes much more visible, promoting the individual or organization that created it, because it is widely available to those who subscribe to the database and easier to find thanks to the added PsycINFO indexing.

Furthermore, organizations can gain an archive for their own material.

Finally, there is the benefit to researchers in the field and the advancement of science.

In its content providers, PsycEXTRA has an embarrassment of riches. Choosing one from the thousands who have donated material is problematic, so we've simply chosen, virtually at random, one of the contributors from the most recent upload.

Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR)

The IWPR is "the leading think tank in the U.S. focusing primarily on domestic women's issues." Founded in 1987, IWPR has contributed to policies and programs across the U.S. on women's Employment, Education, & Economic Change, Democracy & Society, Poverty, Welfare, & Income Security, Work & Family, and Health & Safety.

The IWPR signed a contract to allowing us to add its content to PsycEXTRA in May 2011. What have we added so far?

We've added 170 full-text documents, with the earliest content going back to 2000. Document types have been varied and include press releases, brochures and fact sheets, reports, newsletters, testimony, and bibliography.

Here is a small sample of the content they've contributed:

  • Dobuzinskis, C., & Fischer, J. (2010, Fall). Women still especially vulnerable, five years after Katrina [Newsletter].
  • Hartmann, H. (2008, June). The impact of the current economic downturn on women [Testimony].
  • Hegew, A., Deitch, C., & Murphy, E. (2011, March). Ending sex and race discrimination in the workplace: Legal interventions that push the envelope [Report].
  • Rahmanou, H. & LeMar, A. (2002). Marriage and poverty: An annotated bibliography.
  • Social Security and Black women (2011, May) [Brochure].
  • Survey: Women faring poorly in recovery (Oct 3, 2011) [Press release].

If you would either like to recommend an organization's content for PsycEXTRA or submit your own, please contact PsycEXTRA.

For a complete list of content providers, go to the PsycEXTRA Content Providers page.