PsycTESTS® and PsycTHERAPY® Are Launched!

We take a look at the first institutions to sign up for our newest databases.

We're very pleased to announce that PsycTESTS® and PsycTHERAPY® officially launched on September 12 of this year.

Interest in the new databases has been gratifying. We had quite a few organizations signed up to trial them before the launch, and as of mid-November, we've had hundreds of institutions trialing both databases.

So what organization(s) were first to actually sign up for one of the databases?

For PsycTESTS, the prize goes to Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. They are the "Nation's Federal health sciences university, committed to excellence in military medicine and public health during peace and war." They signed up on September 12, the very day the database went live. Thank you Uniformed Services University, and welcome to PsycTESTS. We hope it serves you as well as you serve our country's health professionals dedicated to career service.

PsycTHERAPY had two institutions signing up on the same date. The first two subscribers are University of Iowa, Iowa City, and Alliant University, CA. The University of Iowa is, of course, a major national research university, with more than 30,000 students enrolled each year, and it operates one of the most advanced and comprehensive university-owned teaching hospitals in the nation. Alliant University began as the California School of Professional Psychology, one of the country's largest graduate schools of psychology. We thank you both and hope you find the streaming video therapy sessions a useful adjunct in your courses.