PsycINFO in 2011: Our Year of the Mobile App

APA Publishing now has mobile apps available, and more are in development.

We've noticed.

Everywhere we look, we see someone tethered to a mobile device. Some of us are addicted to the iPad. Some of us use our eReaders so much that we've consigned our print books to the same closet where we store our LPs (that means "long-playing" record, kids, as in vinyl). And we've all run into people who, to paraphrase Charlton Heston, will give up their Smartphone when you take it from their cold, dead hands.

As a publisher, we also take note that Gartner has predicted that in 2011 mobile search and mobile browsing will make up 2 of the top 10 consumer mobile applications. And, of course, we've listened to you and your requests for more mobile initiatives. So we're declaring 2011 as a year of action.

We already have a number of options available on mobile devices. They include

  • Searching APA databases
  • Reading articles
  • Downloading eBooks
  • Browsing the PsycINFO News
  • Sharing information with colleagues

(and probably some others we've either forgotten or aren't yet aware of).

In the next few months, the PsycINFO News editors will tell you about what we have currently available and what we're developing. But we're also interested in hearing how you and the faculty and students you interact with are adapting to the mobile device environment.

Please share your stories with us and your fellow subscribers. If you would like to share your success stories of incorporating mobile devices into behavioral sciences information dissemination, please contact Michael Miyazaki.

To get started, let's take a look at a new app developed by the APA Journals Department that facilitates access to recently published journals on the iPhone and iPad.

"The APA Journals app makes the daunting task of staying current with the latest information in the broad field of Psychology a lot easier," says Susan Harris, Director of the Journals Department. "It delivers the latest research from APA—in topical areas such as Neuropsychology, Psychotherapy, Religion and Occupational Health—in a way that practitioners, researchers, students, and anyone interested in the behavioral sciences will find relevant, timely, and extremely portable."

The app lets users browse the contents of the latest issues of more than 70 journals published by APA and its publishing partners. Users can scan tables of contents of the journals and access abstracts of the journal articles. APA PsycNET subscribers can also access the HTML or PDF version of the full articles and read them on the devices.

Additionally, iPad users can purchase and access the HTML or PDF version of the full articles and read them on the go. iPhone users can also access TOCs and abstracts, but to purchase the full text of the article using the app, they must complete the transaction using conventional computer access, as our developers decided the iPhone screen is just too small for us to be able to provide the experience we would prefer.

There are two versions of the app – the iPhone version is called APA Journals and the iPad version is called APA Journals for iPad. Both are available free of charge through Apple's App Store.

For additional information about these mobile applications, please contact PsycINFO.