How to Use the Theories of Psychotherapy Series® in Combination With APA Videos

Each book in the Theories of Psychotherapy Series® may be used with a DVD that demonstrates the theory applied in actual therapy. Many DVDs feature the author of the book as the guest therapist, allowing students to see an eminent scholar and practitioner putting the theory they write about into action.

The DVDs have a number of features that make them excellent tools for teaching theory:

  • Many DVDs contain six full sessions of therapy over time, giving students a chance to see how clients respond to the application of the theory over the course of several sessions.
  • Each DVD has a brief introductory discussion recapping the basic features of the theory behind the approach demonstrated.
  • DVDs feature actual clients in unedited therapy sessions. Students can get a sense of the look and feel of real therapy, something that written case examples and transcripts sometimes cannot convey.
  • There is a therapist commentary track that viewers may choose to play during the therapy sessions. This track gives unique insight into why therapists do what they do in therapy, allowing students an inside look at what goes on in the mind of a master therapist.

The therapy sessions may be shown in class, or if they are available from the university or departmental library, may be assigned to students to watch on their own time. The books and DVDs together make a powerful teaching tool for showing how theoretical principles have an effect on practice.

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