APA Books® E-Collections Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Details

What does APA Books E-Collections include?

The APA Books E-Collection includes APA books grouped by individual copyright year from 2001 to 2015. Copyright year differs from the calendar year and runs from July 1 to June 30 of each year.

* APA Books E-Collections do not include APA Style® products, Magination Press® children's titles, APA LifeTools® trade book titles, APA Handbooks in Psychology®, textbooks, encyclopedias, or other reference publications.

Will my APA Books E-Collection 2014 be updated to include books published through December 31, 2015?

No. The APA Books E-Collection 2015 includes books that were published in the 2015 copyright year, which began July 1, 2013 and ends June 30, 2015.

Will APA release additional APA Books E-Collections of books published prior to 2001?

At present, APA has not outlined plans to publish E-Collections prior to 2001.

Is the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition, available electronically through APA Books E-Collections?

No. APA Books E-Collections do not include APA Style products, Magination Press children's titles, APA LifeTools trade book titles, APA Handbooks in Psychology, textbooks, encyclopedias, or other reference publications.

When will you release the 2015 APA Books E-Collection for purchase?

The APA Books E-Collection 2015 is currently available for purchase. The initial offering included books published between July 1, 2014 and November 30, 2014. And as the other 2015 copyright books come off press between December 2014 and June 30, 2015 they will be added to the collection.

Are APA Books COUNTER compliant?

Yes. COUNTER is a standard for reporting online usage statistics. APA is fully compliant with Counter Release 4. For more information visit the Usage Statistics page in the Librarian's Resource Center or view the APA Usage Statistics tutorial on APA PsycNET usage statistic reports.

APA also provides reports in SUSHI format. For more information on requesting SUSHI, please view this brief tutorial on Retrieving COUNTER 4 Usage Reports via SUSHI.


My institution has a limited number of users. Why do I have to pay the same price as a large institution that has more users?

You are purchasing book content, similar to purchasing the printed books, but content that is made available in a different format with enhanced functionalities. There is no price differential based on size of the institution for print books.

I already subscribe to APA content through APA PsycNET®. Will I pay an additional service/technology fee for adding APA Books E-Collections?

If you are currently subscribing to PsycBOOKS on APA PsycNET, you will not be charged the Service Fee for APA Books E-Collections. However, if you cancel your subscription to PsycBOOKS, you will be charged the APA Books E-Collection Service Fee for continued access to that product on APA PsycNET.


Can I get APA Books E-Collections through a platform other than APA PsycNET?

Currently, APA Books E-Collections are available only through APA PsycNET.

If I have PsycINFO through a vendor platform other than APA PsycNET, will I be able to link to full text in my APA Books E-Collections through my link resolver?


If I have PsycBOOKS through another vendor platform other than APA PsycNET, will my APA Books E-Collections appear in PsycBOOKS on that platform?

No, the APA Books E-Collection(s) will appear only on APA PsycNET. However, PsycBOOKS includes all of the content found in APA Books E-Collections.

If I have PsycBOOKS through a vendor platform other than APA PsycNET, will my PsycBOOKS appear in APA PsycNET with the E-Collections?

No. Your PsycBOOKS license entitles you to access only through the vendor you have chosen for that database.

What format will be used to deliver the books included in APA Books E-Collections?

PDF format.

What authentication does APA Books E-Collections use?

At this time, we offer only IP authentication. However, APA is working on adding additional means of authentication.

Will MARC records be made available for APA Books E-Collections for our use in creating library catalog records?

Yes. MARC records will be available for download by individual E-Collection year.


I am a current PsycBOOKS customer, is there any reason for me to purchase an APA Books E-Collection?

Yes. APA Books E-Collections allow you to purchase/own annual groupings of APA published books, including the current copyright year.

My institution currently has a PsycBOOKS site license. Are all of the titles in the annual collections also currently in PsycBOOKS?

Yes, all of the titles in the annual collections are included in PsycBOOKS.

If I have a PsycBOOKS site license and also purchase APA Books E-Collections, how will this content integrate?

For those customers who have PsycBOOKS on APA PsycNET and purchase any E-Collection(s), the users will see the APA Books E-Collection(s) in PsycBOOKS so there is no confusion for them.

For those customers who access PsycBOOKS through a vendor platform, there is no integration of the two products.

I'm interested in replacing my PsycBOOKS Site License with APA Books E-Collections. Which years will I need to purchase in order to keep my current level of access?

Because APA Books E-Collections are only available back to 2001, you would not be able to buy content prior to that which is included in PsycBOOKS. Therefore, you cannot purchase identical coverage to PsycBOOKS which dates back to the 1800s.

How do I find out more information about APA Books E-Collections?

Contact your APA representative or e-mail APA Quotes for more information about ordering APA Books E-Collections for your institution.