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Coverage List

ISBN Title
1-4338-0400-X A lifetime of intelligence
1-4338-0435-2 Action learning for developing leaders and organizations
1-4338-0402-6 Addictive behaviors
1-4338-0454-9 Aging and cognition
1-4338-0406-9 Behavioral emergencies
1-4338-0460-3 Behavioral interventions in schools
1-4338-0452-2 Behavioral mechanisms and psychopathology
1-4338-0405-0 Body image, eating disorders, and obesity in youth (2nd ed.)
1-4338-0378-X Clinical health psychology in medical settings
1-4338-0407-7 Cognitive therapy for suicidal patients
1-4338-0401-8 Complementary and alternative therapies research
1-4338-0468-9 Conducting science-based psychology research in schools
1-4338-0376-3 Consulting psychology
1-4338-0392-5 Correcting fallacies about educational and psychological testing
1-4338-0397-6 Disgust and its disorders
1-4338-0374-7 Financial success in mental health practice
1-4338-0408-5 Group development in practice
1-4338-0393-3 How caregiving affects development
1-4338-0428-X Integrated behavioral health in primary care
1-4338-0396-8 Medical illness and positive life change
1-4338-0423-9 Methamphetamine addiction
1-4338-0427-1 Obesity in youth
1-4338-0443-3 Performance psychology in action
1-4338-0445-X Poverty and brain development during childhood
1-4338-0434-4 Preventing partner violence
1-4338-0453-0 Psychological and physical aggression in couples
1-4338-0411-5 Realizing social justice
1-4338-0424-7 Research with high-risk populations
1-4338-0429-8 Spiritual practices in psychotherapy
1-4338-0373-9 Spirituality and the therapeutic process
1-4338-0474-3 Studying ethnic and economically disadvantaged populations
1-4338-0465-4 The art and science of mindfulness
1-4338-0414-X The development of giftedness and talent across the life span
1-4338-0412-3 The duty to protect
1-4338-0409-3 The glass ceiling in the 21st century
1-4338-0426-3 The interpersonal theory of suicide
1-4338-0467-0 The transactional model of development
1-4338-0410-7 Trauma services for women in substance abuse treatment
1-4338-0459-X Treating substance use disorders with adaptive continuing care
1-4338-0389-5 Treatment of chronic medical conditions
1-4338-0464-6 Treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder in special populations
1-4338-0436-0 Understanding nonsuicidal self-injury