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Coverage List

ISBN Title
1-59147-250-4 Biological substrates of human sexuality
1-59147-249-0 Categorization inside and outside the laboratory: Essays in honor of Douglas L. Medin
1-59147-186-9 Causes of rape: Understanding individual differences in male propensity for sexual aggression, The
1-59147-229-6 Clinical dilemmas in psychotherapy: A transtheoretical approach to psychotherapy integration
1-59147-153-2 Clinical essentials of pain management
1-59147-185-0 Cognitive methods and their application to clinical research
1-59147-165-6 Counterproductive work behavior: Investigations of actors and targets
1-59147-204-0 Couples coping with stress: Emerging perspectives on dyadic coping
1-59147-206-7 Critical events in psychotherapy supervision: An interpersonal approach
1-59147-203-2 Dependent patient: A practitioner's guide, The
1-59147-210-5 Developing individuality in the human brain: A tribute to Michael I. Posner
1-59147-215-6 Empirically based play interventions for children
1-59147-101-X Evaluating sexual harassment: Psychological, social, and legal considerations in forensic examinations
1-59147-183-4 Experimental cognitive psychology and its applications
1-59147-246-6 Experts in court: Reconciling law, science, and professional knowledge
1-59147-278-4 Featuring females: Feminist analyses of media
1-59147-110-9 Genetic testing for cancer: Psychological approaches for helping patients and families
1-59147-160-5 Healing trauma: The power of group treatment for people with intellectual disabilities
1-59147-152-4 Health care ethics for psychologists: A casebook
1-59147-245-8 HIV+ sex: The psychological and interpersonal dynamics of HIV-seropositive gay and bisexual men's relationships
1-59147-207-5 Homophobia and the law
1-59147-273-3 How psychotherapists develop: A study of therapeutic work and professional growth
1-59147-231-8 How to survive and thrive as a therapist: Information, ideas, and resources for psychologists in practice
1-59147-161-3 Judeo-Christian perspectives on psychology: Human nature, motivation, and change
1-59147-145-1 Laboratory animals in research and teaching: Ethics, care, and methods
1-59147-256-3 Laws affecting clinical practice
1-59147-255-5 More than the law: Behavioral and social facts in legal decision making
1-59147-233-4 Nicotine dependence: Understanding and applying the most effective treatment interventions
1-59147-189-3 On the stigma of mental illness: Practical strategies for research and social change
1-59147-181-8 Origin of mind: Evolution of brain, cognition, and general intelligence, The
1-59147-173-7 Pathological gambling: Etiology, comorbidity, and treatment
1-59147-272-5 Personality-guided behavior therapy
1-59147-230-X Personality-guided cognitive-behavioral therapy
1-59147-151-6 Personality-guided forensic psychology
1-59147-213-X Personality-guided relational psychotherapy
1-59147-202-4 Place to call home: After-school programs for urban youth, A
1-59147-150-8 Police problem solvers: How frontline workers can promote organizational and community change (2nd ed.)
1-59147-172-9 Preventing sexual violence: How society should cope with sex offenders
1-59147-212-1 Primary care consultant: The next frontier for psychologists in hospitals and clinics, The
1-59147-164-8 Psychology and the National Institute of Mental Health: A historical analysis of science, practice, and policy
1-59147-184-2 Psychology of hate, The
1-59147-166-4 Psychology of rights and duties: Empirical contributions and normative commentaries, The
1-59147-163-X Recovery in mental illness: Broadening our understanding of wellness
1-59147-195-8 Resolution of inner conflict: An introduction to psychoanalytic therapy (2nd ed.)
1-59147-162-1 Schizophrenia in late life: Aging effects on symptoms and course of illness
1-59147-254-7 Spiritual strategy for counseling and psychotherapy, 2nd ed, A
1-59147-188-5 Spiritually oriented psychotherapy
1-59147-167-2 Teaching and social justice: Integrating multicultural and feminist theories in the classroom
1-59147-196-6 Understanding and treating anxiety disorders: An integrative approach to healing the wounded self
1-59147-228-8 Understanding psychotherapy change: A practical guide to configurational analysis
1-59147-156-7 Unity in psychology: Possibility or pipedream?
1-59147-031-5 Virtual reality therapy for anxiety disorders: Advances in evaluation and treatment
1-59147-251-2 Virtue and psychology: Pursuing excellence in ordinary practices