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Coverage List

ISBN Title
1-55798-768-8 Addressing cultural complexities in practice: A framework for clinicians and counselors
1-55798-788-2 Animal research and human health: Advancing human welfare through behavioral science
1-55798-716-5 Behaving badly: Aversive behaviors in interpersonal relationships
1-55798-758-0 Body image, eating disorders, and obesity in youth: Assessment, prevention, and treatment
1-55798-324-0 Body image, eating disorders, and obesity: An integrative guide for assessment and treatment
1-55798-749-1 Casebook for integrating family therapy: An ecosystemic approach
1-55798-780-7 Combined treatment for mental disorders: A guide to psychological and pharmacological interventions
1-55798-745-9 Competence, condemnation, and commitment: An integrated theory of mental health law
1-55798-743-2 Comprehending suicide: Landmarks in 20th-century suicidology
1-55798-740-8 Constructive & destructive behavior: Implications for family, school, & society
1-55798-682-7 Culture and family violence: Fostering change through human rights law
1-55798-779-3 Domestic violence in the lives of children: The future of research, intervention, and social policy
1-55798-778-5 Eating disorders: Innovative directions in research and practice
1-55798-697-5 Essential components of cognitive-behavior therapy for depression
1-55798-722-X Ethics in HIV-related psychotherapy: Clinical decision making in complex cases
1-55798-737-8 Ethnopolitical warfare: Causes, consequences, and possible solutions
1-55798-723-8 Evaluating outcomes: Empirical tools for effective practice
1-55798-746-7 Evolution of mental health law, The
1-55798-748-3 Family mediation: Facts, myths, and future prospects
1-55798-736-X Handbook of bereavement research: Consequences, coping, and care
1-55798-817-X Helping skills: The empirical foundation
1-55798-727-0 How therapists change: Personal and professional reflections
1-55798-721-1 Integrating behavioral and social sciences with public health
1-55798-730-0 Irritable bowel syndrome: Psychosocial assessment and treatment
1-55798-670-3 Legal construction of identity: The judicial and social legacy of American colonialism in Puerto Rico, The
1-55798-731-9 Making good: How ex-convicts reform and rebuild their lives
1-55798-695-9 Marital and family processes in depression: A scientific foundation for clinical practice
1-55798-742-4 Meaning reconstruction & the experience of loss
1-55798-783-1 Memory consolidation: Essays in honor of James L. McGaugh
1-55798-741-6 Mom, Dad. I'm gay. How families negotiate coming out
1-55798-739-4 Motivational styles in everyday life: A guide to reversal theory
1-55798-732-7 Nature of executive leadership: A conceptual and empirical analysis of success, The
1-55798-750-5 Nature of remembering: Essays in honor of Robert G. Crowder, The
1-55798-754-8 New methods for the analysis of change
1-55798-752-1 Not fair!: The typology of commonsense unfairness
1-55798-879-X On the consequences of meaning selection: Perspectives on resolving lexical ambiguity
1-55798-691-6 Optimism & pessimism: Implications for theory, research, and practice
1-55798-753-X Personality psychology in the workplace
1-55798-734-3 Psychosocial interventions for cancer
1-55798-699-1 School refusal behavior in youth: A functional approach to assessment and treatment
1-55798-733-5 Self-relations in the psychotherapy process
1-55798-774-2 Social cognition and schizophrenia
1-55798-744-0 Stalking in children and adolescents: The primitive bond
1-55798-776-9 Transformation of psychology: Influences of 19th-century philosophy, technology, and natural science, The
1-55798-667-3 Treating adult and juvenile offenders with special needs
1-55798-759-9 Treatments that work with children: Empirically supported strategies for managing childhood problems
1-55798-773-4 Turns in the road: Narrative studies of lives in transition
1-55798-681-9 Unequal rights: Discrimination against people with mental disabilities and the Americans With Disabilities Act
1-55798-692-4 Unraveling the complexities of social life: A festschrift in honor of Robert B. Zajonc