Measuring Patient Changes in Mood, Anxiety, and Personality Disorders: Toward a Core Battery

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This book is out of print and no longer available for purchase.

Note: This book is out of print and no longer available for purchase.

For decades, psychotherapists have struggled to evaluate the effects of therapy on their patients. Which psychotherapeutic interventions work best with which psychological disorders? And how do patients change as a result? Although there has been widespread study of therapeutic efficacy, the diversity in outcome measures has yielded little practical information. Measuring Patient Changes in Mood, Anxiety, and Personality Disorders brings together top experts in psychotherapy and leading figures in clinical research who explore what might appear in a core battery.

The discussion is organized around four key questions:

  1. What should a core battery look like?
  2. What needs to be measured?
  3. What criteria should be adopted in selecting measures?
  4. What measures should be used?

A unified stance on these questions is an important first step in making the case for treatment effectiveness in an era of increasing accountability. This volume is a valuable resource for psychotherapists, psychotherapy researchers, administrators, insurance providers, and policy makers.

Table of Contents

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I. Overview of Assessing Psychotherapy Outcome and the Development of Core Measures of Patient Change

  1. Introduction
    —Michael J. Lambert, Hans H. Strupp, and Leonard M. Horowitz
  2. Overview and Summary of the Core Battery Conference
    —Leonard M. Horowitz, Hans H. Strupp, Michael J. Lambert, and Irene Elkin

II. Conceptual and Methodological Issues

  1. Dimensions of Outcome Measurement
    —Dietmar Schulte
  2. Implications of Priming for Measures of Change Following Psychological and Pharmacological Treatments
    —Zindel V. Segal
  3. Considerations in Developing a Core Assessment Battery
    —Marvin R. Goldfried

III. Core Batteries for Assessment of Anxiety Disorders

  1. Measuring Treatment Outcome for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Social Phobia: A Review of Current Instruments and Recommendations for Future Research
    —Thomas D. Borkovec, Louis G. Castonguay, and Michelle G. Newman
  2. Measuring Change in Patients Following Psychological and Pharmacological Interventions: Anxiety Disorders
    —Paul Crits-Christoph and Mary Beth Connolly

IV. Core Batteries for Assessment of Mood Disorders

  1. Outcome Measures of Depression
    —Monica Ramirez Basco, Steven R. Krebaum, and A. John Rush
  2. Measuring Changes in Patients Following Psychological and Pharmacological Interventions: Depression
    —Larry E. Beutler
  3. Measuring Progress and Outcome in the Treatment of Affective Disorders
    —Kenneth I. Howard, Robert J. Lueger, and Gregory G. Kolden
  4. A Core Battery of Measures of Depression and Principles for Their Selection
    —Lester Luborsky, Louis Diguer, Robert J. DeRubeis, and Kelly A. Schmidt
  5. Toward a Core Battery for Treatment Efficacy Research on Mood Disorders
    —Karla Moras
  6. Using Empirical Research Findings to Develop a Behavioral Measure of Depression: A Proposed Direction for Future Research
    —Leonard M. Horowitz, Kristin L. Nelson, and Eric A. Person

V. Core Batteries for Assessment of Personality Disorders

  1. Measurement Issues Relevant to Personality Disorders
    —Paul A. Pilkonis
  2. Core Battery Conference: Assessment of Change in Personality Disorders
    —M. Tracie Shea
  3. Assessing Personality Disorders
    —Mardi J. Horowitz, Constance Milbrath, and Charles H. Stinson
  4. Outcome Evaluation of Psychosocial Treatment for Personality Disorders: Functions, Obstacles, Goals, and Strategies
    —Ralph M. Turner and Paul Dudek
  5. Conceptual Issues in Measuring Personality Disorder Change
    —William P. Henry

VI. Afterthoughts

  1. Conclusions and Recommendations
    —Michael J. Lambert, Leonard M. Horowitz, and Hans H. Strupp

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The book records a conference of the APA notable in bringing together major (American) contributors to outcome research literature across different models of intervention as well as some powerful thinkers and innovators in the problems of assessing "outcome." The book is impressive in its thoroughness…my interest was consistently engaged and especially so by the advances being made in the assessment of so-called personality disorders and in the chapters that reach beyond the ubiquitous self-report, or clinician report on self-report, to experimental measures of functions being targeted by intervention.
—The International Journal of Social Psychiatry, vol. 45, no. 2