Violence on the Job: Identifying Risks and Developing Solutions

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Homicide is now the second most common cause of death in the U.S. workplace. Violence on the Job: Identifying Risks and Developing Solutions is part of the effort to promote scientific investigation and broaden public awareness of the growing problem of workplace violence. Contributing authors analyze the problem and describe the most recent violence prevention and response programs for the modern workplace. Covered are programs instituted in advance of corporate downsizing, programs designed to respond to violence in health-care settings, and the employee assistance program used by the U.S. Postal Service.

Cutting-edge research topics discussed in Violence on the Job include correlations between alcohol abuse and violence, interaction between job stress and violence, risk for violence against individuals in specific occupations such as social workers and federal workers, suicide among police officers, and the effect of domestic violence on the workplace. This volume is an indispensable overview of various analyses of and responses to violence on the job. Human resource professionals, industrial-organizational psychologists, researchers, and consultants all will benefit from the information contained here.

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