Bilingualism and Cognition: Informing Research, Pedagogy, and Policy

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In the United States, approximately 7% to 10% of children are raised in bilingual households. Despite inherent advantages to bilingualism, some bilingual children experience a significant lag in academic success relative to other groups.

Bridging the fields of cognitive psychology and education, this volume presents research-based knowledge on language acquisition and learning to leverage the strengths and achievements of bilingual children. By understanding the neurocognitive mechanisms of the bilingual brain and the need for socioculturally inclusive pedagogy, educational researchers and practitioners can better serve this rapidly growing population.

Table of Contents


I. Foundations

  1. Language and Cognitive Development
  2. Cognitive Theories and Their Perspectives on Language
  3. Bilingualism and Cognition
  4. Intelligence and Bilingual Assessment

II. Education

  1. Education Circumstances
  2. Theoretical Conceptualizations: Bilingualism and Schooling
  3. Best Practices and Successful Strategies
  4. Policies




About the Authors

Author Bios

Eugene E. García, PhD, is presently vice president for education partnerships at Arizona State University. He was dean of the Mary Lou Fulton College of Education from 2002–2006. Before joining the faculty at Arizona State University, he was dean of the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley. From 2004–2008 he chaired the National Task Force on Early Education for Hispanics funded by the Foundation for Child Development and four additional foundations. His most recent book is Teaching and Learning in Two Languages: Bilingualism and Schooling in the United States.

José E. Náñez Sr., PhD, is a President's Professor of psychology and the executive director for community outreach in the Office of the Senior Vice-President for Educational Outreach and Student Services, Arizona State University. He earned his PhD in experimental child psychology from the Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota at Minneapolis. His early research involved infant perceptual and cognitive development. Recent research includes exploration of alternative measures for identifying gifted Latino children and adolescents.

Dr. Náñez has contributed to numerous book chapters and journal articles on dual language learners, most recently contributing a chapter to Enhancing the Knowledge Base for Serving Young English Language Learners, edited by E. García and E. Frede. His cutting-edge collaborative neuroscience research explores perceptual learning and neuroplasticity and has been published in top-tier international journals, including Nature, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, PLoS ONE, and Current Biology. His current research interests include the relationship between bilingualism and neuroplasticity.