Individual Pathways of Change: Statistical Models for Analyzing Learning and Development

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Individual Pathways of Change in Learning and Development presents and applies cutting-edge time series analysis techniques for analyzing intra-individual change. Editors Peter C. M. Molenaar and Karl M. Newell demonstrate the practical benefits of intra-individual analysis by not only applying the new techniques to various learning or developmental problems, but also discussing implications for future applications.

The techniques in this book cover each of Bartholomew's four classes of dynamic latent variable models, and they are presented and applied to a wide range of topics, such as measuring shifts between different psychological states, differences in responses and test scores, and time scales that are present in the growth or decay of learning processes. The editors emphasize innovative frameworks and reveal the limitations of using group between-subject analysis to derive inferences about psychological processes.

With more examples and contexts than any other book on the subject, this book is essential reading for students, professors, and researchers interested in the analysis of intra-individual change in learning and development.

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